1960’s hatred of America is Today’s Progressives Hatred of America

As a young man growing up in the sixties I saw, heard and experienced the changes of social upheaval. I watched as whites acted racist against blacks, and blacks acting racist against whites. A cycle that some people lived in but not all people lived in this cycle of hatred of white against black and black against white.

Later in the sixties, young people started hearing things they did not like. The war in Vietnam was escalated with a false flag which was not known at the time but indeed President Johnson was a warmonger and he had plenty of support. The youth spoke against being drafted and sent to Vietnam. They protested white racism. Excellent ideas. However, not long into the protest things began to change. It was great to protest against war and racism.

But people like Bernie Sanders and his children the Social Justice Children of these remnants of the 1960s. The backers for communist Bernie Sanders.

Here were the stories we heard as the youth of America. Free Love, Free Drugs, Free Music. Notice the same idealogy of free, free, free. Then we heard America was racist, America was imperialistic, America Eat It’s Young. Then we heard, “You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.” Bob Dylan

And domestic terrorists struck in America. The Weathermen, the Black Panthers, to be fair not all people in the group spoke for violence nor did they act violently. But some members went too far. We see it today with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

As the anti-American sentiment grew so to the war in Vietnam. As the hippie culture struck, America it was presented as a new way to live. “Far Out, Man.” “Groovy Baby.” “My Bag.” the slang was the new language of the hip. As the culture of the hippies grew with the youth the enemies of America infiltrated the youth and began to preach ANTI-American slogans and rhetoric of thought. Abbey Hoffman put out “Steal This Book.” A call to lawlessness with such subtly that it escaped the perception of most of the youth who read it. They also taught the idea of lawlessness in morality by promoting young people to have sex and sexual experimentation. To rebel against the government and country, family and god and all we had been told. In the minds of the hippie culture, all this seemed “groovy.”

LSD and marijuana freed the minds of many people. But it harmed the minds of many as well. The Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey & the Mary Pranksters was possibly a CIA covert experiment in mind control. Spreading the glories of LSD among the youth as the key to enlightenment. Harvard Professor Dr. Timothy Leary preached “Turn On, Turn In and Drop Out.” Many people’s minds were altered in ways they wish had not after using LSD, speaking from experience I am not one of those people. Also, many of those same people went on to hard drug addiction because the wanted to keep experimenting. And many turned to the “New Age.” Psychic ability, ESP, Contact spirits, to sexually deviant behavior. Throwing all moral Judea / Christian ideas out the door.

Just like the communist Soviet Union. Just like the Chinse Communist Party, And all socialist, fascist, communist or nazi political parties. Once in power all of these infamous regimes enslaved and murdered at will.

Bernie is the “revolution” of the children from the remnants of many sixties hippie children who most became socialist or communist, or new agers, feminism and all sorts of other ideologies. Today that equals democrat, democratic socialist, or as Nancy Pelosi likes to call it now Progressive. History repeats itself with the violence in the streets. The protest against America and the Republic are lead by ideas like Bernie or his followers. Their anger has no validity in the world today. Some of their arguments have validity but they are so poorly represented they make no sense.

Bernie Sanders rails against people not having health care. He points to Canada, the UK, Denmark, France and other countries with socialized medicine. Yet each of those countries has a population a fraction of the size of the US population. Bernie purposes a minimum wage hike to $15.00 per hour. A noble idea, except for one problem. Business owners may choose to let one employee go to be able to pay the $15.00 minimum for another employee. Thus unemployment is raised. Or the employer may go with all machines to do the work of humans and lay off all workers.  Bernie’s ideas will wreak havoc on more of the very people he thinks his ideas will help. Some it would help. For many others, it would make things much worse such as those who lose their jobs to more government regulation, i.e, the wage increase purposed by Sanders. The very thing strangling the economy not allowing people access to an unregulated market. Bernie wants to strangle the entire country with more regulations. Bernie’s revolution is a joke, told by a political hack who has never accomplished anything but spread his message of communism is better than freedom. The state knows better than you little peon’s what is best for you. All the Bernie Bros are nothing more than adult Progressive cry babies.

We were told the same lies in the sixties except now its free health care, free college tuition, free housing, free food, free money.  Each and every one of these is a lie to persuade you not to depend on anything but the government. Bernie seems to think the government can be people’s mama, their daddy, and their GOD. Just good ole social-democratic communism just as Bernie envisioned it. A nation of paupers, bowing to his authority and will. Ruled by backstabbers, liars, thieves, and murders. People with the lowest moral standard perhaps since the fall of Rome.


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