Are you living? Or are you dead?

You breathe the breath of life billions of times throughout your life. Hardly noticeable in your daily life, your very existence is the breath of life. Human life is so fragile that it can be gone in the wink of an eye. Human life fragile, delicate, a gift of existence.

But do you see your existence as a gift? A treasure to behold? Creation and existence and consciousness, human beings who love each other is a gift. Many do not have these gifts. Some men never find a good women, some women never find a good man. Yet it takes a man and a woman to make a whole human connection to reality.

This love of man for women and women for man is a gift of unity. A forging of two into one. Stronger together. Men today expect sex from women as as matter of course, much as was preached in the sixties is not common place today. No commitment, no unity, just sex. No response ability to if a child is created. The fathers leave the child and sadly many women abort the child.

This is why unity of men and women is so important. The response ability lies on both the man and the women. If one fails the other suffers. Fathers who leave women in many cases are cowards. They act like little boys and do not stick to raise the children. Cowards each and everyone of them who abandon their children. Living in our perverted society women demand to murder what grows in their body.  To abort the child is the absolute worst case. A child is dead, a mother if she has any feeling for life will come to regret that choice and live with the horror of that action. If a man agrees, he is agreeing to murder a helpless being. Having no more compassion for the baby than they do for road kill.

What a world we live in with more and more perverted demands by the perverted minds of humanity. Are you living? Or are you dead? Ask yourself because you are one or the other.

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