Corona virus the Biggest Scam in History along with the Federal Reserve Central Bank scam.

Coronavirus the Biggest Scam in History along with the Federal Reserve Central Bank scam.

The government and state officials are lying about Coronavirus. Politicians and news media yell about millions dying. Acting like it is a Pandemic and only as of today less than 20,000 people worldwide have passed away and politicians are closing down the country. What a scam. Stealing the wealth of a nation. The rich keeping stealing the wealth of America. Why is the Federal Reserve allowed to steal our wealth? Why are the politicians allowed to steal our wealth? Zeig Heil Governors. Little Hitlers each and every one of them who demand the people do as they demand or they will throw them in jail and fine the people.  Coronavirus is a scam by the news outlets, and the government.  Destroying the economy and blaming the virus but never once mentioning that debt, government,

Why is a private bank allowed to print (Federal Reserve Notes) and then charge us interest on the money? What a scam. Central Banks are the problem. They have no idea what they are doing any more than politicians do with a coronavirus. The WHO and CDC and the government declares it is a worldwide pandemic that could kill millions. Yet less than 20,000 worldwide have died.

Yet food poisoning has

351,000: The number of associated deaths

52,000: The number of deaths caused by the bacteria Salmonella

37,000: The number of deaths caused by the bacteria E. coli

35,000: The number of deaths caused by norovirus (a virus that’s the leading cause of disease outbreaks from contaminated food in the United States)

DEATHS. People died, and you believe the Wuhan virus is so dangerous? Why. You are more like to die from food poisoning each year. Are they going to ban food?

These little Hitlers are stealing your wealth, locking down business, destroying people’s lives. Telling people they cannot leave their home because of the Wuhan China coronavirus. Please this is a scam and a giant deception and the political leaders think we the people should listen to them. What a scam. It is time to stop listening to the US STATE and Federal government officials who have no idea what the hell they are doing. As well as the Federal Reserve. These are the two biggest scams in the history of mankind.  And they are backed up by the biggest liars in history the US Media, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, FOX. The truth hides from the organizations.

It is time to stop the political hacks from serving 30 years in government. It is time to stop political hacks from getting away with stealing every American freedom. Do what we say or else. Yea that is real freedom, isn’t it? Political hacks need to be voted out of office now before it comes to civil war. Robbing our constitutional rights and denying our freedoms and liberties.  Why have they told the people they must obey? Who the hell do these little Hitlers think they are. Oh, it is for our good. I WILL BE THE ONE WHO DECIDES WHAT IS BEST FOR ME. Not a public servant! Not some person from Europe demanding we create a world government to fight the pandemic that never was. People are being terrorized by your own government officials and the news media. You are a free human being these little Hitlers have no legal right to demand what they are demanding. Standing up to these “Chicken Littles”, the sky is falling, the sky is falling. You elected officials are really not that important. So get over yourselves. It is time for the people to stand up to the elected officials who are stealing your constitution and bill of rights, basically stealing your freedom and your wealth. Soon we will be like communist china, stay in line or be destroyed. This is what they want, complete control over your life. The Federal Reserve is creating money out of thin air and charging us interest on the money they create. Putting our children, children, children, children into debt. Debt, political leaders are destroying the national economy and looking to create their beloved NEW WORLD ORDER. If you want to see what it looks like, then take a like at Communist China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, this is the future under these political and news hacks who are lying and scamming you the people.


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