False Preachers reaping the Whirlwind!

When I choose not to really care about God and the Lord Jesus Christ I never looked at things for what they were. I saw them like most people how they are presented to the public. Meaning mixed with mystery and relative truths of meaninglessness. It holds confusion as the highest order of reality. Relative truth like political correctness only exists for those without the eyes to see and ears to hear the world we all live in. There is very little coming out of the pop culture that does not illuminate the false messiahs. Giving all the signs of hatred for God and love for the illuminated ones. You know the ones practicing Kabbalah Magic, Witchcraft, Astrology, the New Age and so forth. They will condemn the Bible before having never read it and declare the Word of God false. Yet they will align themselves with the enlightened ones. These false messiahs of iniquity, pushing their perversions as new morality.

False preachers talk about society, prosperity, holy ghost healing, hands on healing. They never talk about the Lord Jesus Christ. They never speak of the Gospel. The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. They never speak of the church repenting, the people repenting, themselves repenting. No you hear about Social Justice for unjust issues. People are sitting on the fence watching to see which way to go. Should they follow the preachers who talk about accepting homosexual preachers. That seems quite a contrast to what God has said about homosexuals. So why would I listen to someone who is in open rebellion against God. They proclaim their homosexual rebellion as a badge of honor instead of the badge of abomination that it is in the eyes of God. Um, Why do you accept them?

Many preachers talk about wealth and acquiring wealth as if they is the message God has given to everyone. It is my understanding that message from God is, I sent my son to save you and you cannot get to me without going through the Lord Jesus Christ. So is the message to trust and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ or preachers telling people how the God wants them to be rich. If God puts rulers in place, does he not also make people rich he wants to be rich? Jesus never preached a sermon about how he would teach you how to become rich.

The people, which is the real “Church” are sitting on the fence not really sure which way they should go. Accept all the messages of the world and humanity or accept the Word of God. They do not see God when they look at the world, they only see dirt, rocks, plants and animals. They see themselves in the mirror and do not see the code of DNA that creates the biological you. But the code exist just like the rocks and plants. Man cannot see the forest for the trees because he thinks there is some many things to believe. Yet most of what man believes is a lie or half truth, or out right deception.

Just as you should shut of the news of main stream media who are chicken little’s all the time. Shut off these false preachers. How do you know they are false. They are preaching everything but belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and Gospel message of repent and believe what God has said. Believe what God has shown the world. Believe God instead of human beings, male or female who do not preach The Word of God, Jesus Christ, I AM.


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