Is the Devil in Your Mind?

Many people scoff at the idea of demons possessing people and as far fetched as it seems, that very thing seems to be happening all around us in the world today.  Is it not odd that people today are claiming to be no gender! These same people scream at anyone who says there are only two genders simply ignoring biological facts.  FACTS, not theory, such as evolution, the big bang, climate change. To deny the biological facts of two genders are people simply wish to scream their way to acceptance of their delusion. Social acceptance of people you cannot relate to being a male or a female or perhaps it would be better to say “They” wish to be what they want whenever they want.

Yet no one with a logical, commonsense mind is going to accept them as a different sex. It seems more like a mental delusion that they believe if they act feminine they can be female.  But is there more to the issue of “transgenderism.” Is this the great delusion God spoke of? Giving people the ability to do things that are perverted, twisted, without the ability to see the harm they are doing to themselves and the ones they love. or simply say live and let live. Yet this seems much deeper than a personal choice. This is human minds going off the rails of normality into a world of delusion and illusion. The delusion God gave to them to do unseemly things and the illusion to see themselves as different than their reality.

Oh, I can hear the LGBTQ society shouting their bigoted, heterosexual phobic slurs. Thank you very much. I must have touched a nerve. Something bothering you? Do you really believe it is normally to turn yourself into something that appears to be a different you, but it is not? Your DNA cannot be changed, only your outward appearance can be changed. You are living a life of delusion, pretending to be something you are not and can never be.

You hear people saying they wish to be referred to as they, instead of him or her, he or she. What exactly is in your mind? In what reality are you nonbinary. You have sex organs, you are male or female. You are not nonbinary. What is in your mind when you see reality. Is there an opaque film clouding your reality? Clouding your common sense? There are no nonbinary realities. You are either male or female, heterosexual or bisexual or homosexual. The demons are in your mind. You are living a great delusion to do the wicked things you are doing and believing it is perfectly o.k. Yet you are wrong.

Your mind is now twisted into a cornucopia of delusion and self-worship. A great delusion. “They” is the Devil is in your mind?


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