Transgender and the Great Delusion

LGBTQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer.  Sexual deviant behavior demanding it is recognized as normal behavior! Private sexual behavior is being brought out into the light of day for all to see. Even as only a small amount of people are actually behaving in this rebellious behavior this small group of people are demanding we bend to their demands.

We will not bend to your perversion and allow you to make everyone in the world you can transgender. You wish to worship yourselves as the biggest narcissist ever born. It’s all about you and your choice of perversion.

Perversion is raising its ugly head and demanding the equal right to be anywhere, any time, any place. WRONG. There is a time and a place for everything. Sexuality belongs in the bedroom, not in the public domain. Drag queens belong in adult venues, not public library story times.

This behavior of a small, loud, often rude members of LGBTQ are exposing themselves in the public forum to make the public acclimated to the continuous perversion of their narcissist personalities. They are the Me Me Me Me Me personalities, look at me, see me, don’t you want to be like me. It is all about them and to hell with everyone else. Simply put they want to be able to go where they want and they don’t expect people to gawk, laugh, insult, or point at them. Get over yourselves. You are not little boys anymore playing with mommies makeup and mirrors and jewelry. Or has you mind stopped growing past for or five years old and you still think you are being like mommy?

It seems to be you demand more than I personally am willing to give you. No one has the right to harm you. People may call you names and I know many may feel the sting of words and that is not right either. But when you try and pervert the children and you wish to pretend that is not your agenda. You must be called into account.

Transgender is an insult to humanity, to heterosexual humanity. Man and Woman. As the transgender wants to be both sexes so they can be either or when they feel like it. Is the transgender going to say they are not having sex? They want the ability to slide from one sex to another as the sexual lust pulls them to the gender or transgender lust. The vast majority of humanity does not want to be like you, does not want to act like you, does not want to look at you. They wish to see their children not drag queens in libraries. So we will not bend to your demands of respect, because you have no respect for our children bringing your perversions into the public forum.

So stop insisting we bend to your will to accept rebellion against God. We will not.


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