From the Beginning to the End

From beginning to end God loves his creations. He called the herbs of the fields good. He called the creations good. So God is good! Yet many condemn and rail against God like he was a neighbor they do not get along with. Why does God allow this? Why does God all that? Hunger, disease, pain, suffering, and death.

Did you ever ask yourself why does man allow hunger, pain, and suffering when he could help some people but does not do anything? Why does man allow this or that? People see evil in life, from corruption to perversion. Why does man allow the things he could stop like human trafficking, child sex trafficking, a fake monetary system that enriches the bankers and their investors and drives everyone else into poverty. Yet the governments around the world side with the bankers of the corrupt monetary system and continue to drive the national debt so high it can never be repaid. Thus America is a broken nation run by corrupt politicians and corrupt bankers.

So from beginning to end the evil lies in the hearts of men. Why do men not stop their evil?

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