The Living God


God loves humanity, he wishes nothing more than to walk on a summer evening with humanity. Now people are living in fear. Yet if you love God, believe Jesus and have the strength to believe God. All things God does is for the will of his being. he has taken a person like me who is unworthy of God Love, unworthy of forgives by the Lord Jesus Christ. I am unworthy and I know it. Yet the Lord says come to me, and I will be there for you. He is not hiding, he is not absent, he is not dead. God is everything we need. Belief in the Lamb of God who paid the price for us all.

In this time of hysteria, God is calm. In the time of worry, worry not. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the one who would protect you. And God is the very reality of existence. Do you think he can protect you? Do you doubt he can protect you? Doubt is your unbelief. God has the power to do the things you cannot do. Those miracles you doubt are as real as the air you breathe. The breath of God breathed into you.

Be calm, have belief in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to protect you from all things. For he is the Living God, I AM, with power that humanity cannot understand. Don’t fear the hysteria of men but the power of Almighty God, that is something to fear.



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