Great American Liars & Hypocrites

J. Edgar Hoover   – Called people like John Dillenger Public Enemy #1, when in fact the corruption in the elected state and federal politicians were the real public enemy #1

Joe McCarthy   –  Called everyone a communist without the slightest bit of proof in most cases. Sounds like Adam Schiff today

Woodrow Wilson   Signed into law the Federal Reserve Central Banking System, I mean Ponzi Scheme. he signed into law Federal Income Tax. Both systems of wealth theft by a Fascist just like we see with All the Democrat presidential candidate today.  Ole Joe Biden all declare they will tax you more, print more fake Federal Reserve Notes, and continue to follow the ideals of fascism, socialism, communism, globalism, and technocracy.

Franklin D.Roosevelt   – Passed laws that outlawed gold and forced US Citizens to turn in their gold under threat of fines and prison. Then once he had it all he increased the price by over 40%. Cheating US Citizens out of billions of dollars.

Lyndon Johnson – Lied to the American people to escalate the war in Vietnam (Tonkin Bay Incident) was a “False Flag” to launch the military-industrial complex into war for profit.

George Bush  – Led Saddam Hussien into believing we would not interfere in his attack on Kuwait. Basically baiting Saddam to attack to launch his beloved “New World Order.”

Bill Clinton – signed NAFTA into law it gutted American Manufacturing. He did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Hillary Clinton – “The US policy—under Clinton and until recently—has been: regime change first, ceasefire after.”

George W. Bush Lied about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” as did most of his cabinet.

Barrack Obama – signed the bill into law that forced American’s to buy health coverage. That is the act of a dictator. Remember “you can keep you doctor”, “your premiums will go down.” “you will buy it or you will pay a fine.” A Fascist demanding the people obey.

Jim Langevin, Sheldon Whitehouse David Cicilline all blame President Trump for anything and everything. If a fly lands on them its President Trumps’ fault.

Nancy Pelosi – A progressive indeed she lies when it suits her.

Chuck Schumer  A progressive indeed he lies when it suits him.

Bernie Sanders – He banters on about socialism, but he is really a communist. He supports a communist-controlled state. Much like Communist China or Cuba. Or maybe he is Fascist which is just a slight variation to communism. Still, it is totalitarian and denies people rights granted under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Yet Bernie says he is coming for the gun manufacturers and the gun owners.

Adam Schiff – the biggest liar in American political history. He lies over and over and over and never produces one bit of evidence to prove his point.

Jerry Nadler – This man is an incompetent boob and would not know the truth even when it slaps him in the face and he continues to follow the party line lies of the Democrats.

AOC – simply makes up the truth as she sees it. It’s all relative to her.

Ilhan Omar – A bigot, a hater, and she too lives by her own relative truth.

Mayor Pete – When people talk about Christians being hypocrites, this is the sort of thing that would apply. A devout homosexual pretending his acts are acceptable to God. Though God told him it was an abomination. So voting for President Trump is worse than being a homosexual. He just an outright liar.

Elizabeth Warren – Native American indeed. 0.00124. Says she will pay for all student loan debt but does not say she will tax everyone into poverty to make it happen. Let alone medicare for all. All of these ideas are pipedreams unless they tax the entire population of America into abject poverty. Just another ball faced liar.

James Comey – Lied to Congress, lied to the President. Lied to many news outlets.

Andrew McCabe – Lied to Congress

Our nation is lead by Pyscho Paths, power-mad, corrupt, greedy money-grubbers.

All lying when it is convenient for their purpose.

And it is all fueled by the corrupt Federal Reserve and other corrupt Central Banks around the world. These people are running the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the world. Telling people that Federal Reserve Notes have value when the only value they have is the power of the police to lock anyone up who tries “unapproved” payment methods. The shot President Kennedy because he tried to do something about this corrupt system.

President Trump is in the same boat. Fighting against a corrupt banking system that steals the wealth of the people and tells you right out they are stealing 2% of your wealth per year. Why is this lie allowed to continue? So they can go to war when they want. Why is the US Budget never balanced? Why is the budget a national security issue? So they can hide their lies by claiming it is a national security issue. President Trump is using the very system of the Ponzi Scheme to change the reality of the progressives, I mean the communist who pretends they are socialist as if it really mattered as in due time it all becomes a dictatorship. The equal distribution of poverty is all it amounts to for the public and more wealth in their lying, thieving political con artist.




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