Is YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Social Scoring US Citizens

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook  Social Scoring US Citizens. What does that mean?

Communist China has a social scoring system in which they reward or punish its citizens based on their behavior.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook are all using a social scoring system to control and limit the behavior of American’s in a non-communist country. Are these companies laying the foundation for a technocracy communist take over of America’s freedom?

This is the destruction of civil liberties all in the name of corporate policy. I call BS, the companies are trying to control thought in America. Your thoughts, your freedom, your rights of free speech.

Yet these corporate technocracy wants to control what you can and cannot say on their platforms. Working with the corrupt political leaders who have been in office for years and years and years. Which is the majority of all political figures. 20, 30 years of abusing and using their positions to create a communist, socialist, technocracy. Controlled by their power-mad insanity. Arm yourselves America they will come for the guns next.

YouTube is anti-American, Twitter Is Anti American, Facebook is Anti American. Only God knows how many elected officials democrats and republicans are anti-American, or just filled with greed, or mad for more power. America’s political officials and the technocracy elite want a communist one-world government, New world order based on them in power and everyone else doing what they are told. Time to create the PMP Patriot Militia Party. In every state, we need a driving force against political power. Technocracy power-mad elites. Like Bill Gates suggesting we should have mandatory vaccines. Who does Bill Gates think he is, GOD? That is a declaration of war. That is an authoritarian comment. Bill Gates and the elites want to say everyone must get their “vaccine”, that is a declaration of war. Then all people who believe in God must ask themselves. Who is making you take the vaccine? Who will demand and enforce the power of the state to inject into your body something they say is for the “safety of all.” Yet only a hive mind could even suggest that everyone should be force vaccinated even if they refuse to comply. Or told they cannot leave their house if they don’t comply. Do you believe more in America Bill Gates or do you prefer Communist China as your model for society?

Next will be the cash in your pocket. It is already fake money. Has nothing backing it but the faith of a nation that is trillions of dollars in debt. US Federal Reserve Notes are all fake money. Now they are dropping it out of the sky just as predicted by many people in the economic community, MMT, helicopter money is here. Money created out of thin air has no value even when printed on pretty paper. The coins in your pocket will end up with more in melt value in the end than the paper bills you own. Even if its thousands or millions or billions. The only thing they will be worth will be to wipe your behind.

Time to create and organize to protect ourselves from this power-mad elected officials, from the economic theorist who are so smart they cannot believe they are not right. In America, we have lots of problems. But our biggest problem is the Federal Reserve and all other Central and Global Banks, such as the IMF. They print fake money out of thin air and tell you it has value, they demand you follow their rules. Soon they will create a cryptocurrency that is made up of a computer program and we are told they can press a few buttons and create new money and make us pay interest on something they never worked for! Fake money they charge our nation to control and they are not that smart because they think we the people don’t see what they are doing. It is time to confiscate all the wealth of the “Central Banks.” Their assets, their owners’ assets, buildings, land, gold, silver, diamonds, luxury car, luxury planes, art, etc. etc. They have bought such assets with the fake money they charge us to manage but they have run our nation into financial ruin along with the US Congress and Senate playing along with them. Let us remove the elected officials with votes, let us remove the “Federal Reserve” and all other Central Banks and pay off America’s and the world’s debt with the money these people stole for the world.  Federal Reserve Notes should be titled Federal Reserve I.O.U. because it is nothing but a debt that is owed. There is no wealth in debt.

The Federal Reserve is a dinosaur, Central Banks and World Banks are dinosaur’s, they should be extinct but they are not. It is time to bury their dead bodies and inherit their wealth they bought with paper money that has no real value they used to steal the entire country.

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