The Corona Virus lie, Ponzi Scheme USA

The Governors of many states in America are acting like little Hitlers. Telling business they must close, telling people they must social distance. What a giant lie. How many people have died? More people are dying from hunger than this virus. So why all this police state action and hysteria. TO LOCK YOU DOWN. To show the people what they can and will do if you resist their orders.

So what just happened to freedom in America. It just disappeared under the lies and deceptions of our elected fools. Hive minds in power lead to greater disaster, greater suffering all from the foolish decisions of the hive mind of political leaders who are really not in politics to serve the people but to serve themselves. This 2 trillion dollar bailout is another way to steal the wealth of the people. The actual full cost is 6 trillion and we the people get the bill for all the bad decisions of the federal reserve, government officials, and the media pushing hysteria.

Our country has been broke for years and running on fumes and now the fuel has run out. The country is locking us down to set the precedent to demand we obey them. Should you obey the government? The military has been mobilized and you can bet if you resist they will kill you. Make no mistake this is the creation of a POLICE STATE in America. You are no longer free when you cannot do what you want, go where you want and all the lies about the virus that has blown a ripple in the pond into a tidal wave.

Soon they will roll out a cryptocurrency and demand we use virtual 0 & 1’s as value. Gold has value, even coins have value in the metal but what value does a virtual currency have? Just like the US Dollar today which only has $0.03 of value left. Do you understand? The Federal Reserve steals 2% of your money every year, year after year.

The Federal Reserve gets to create currency out of thin air and sell it to the US Treasury and charge the American people for the privilege of using their “fake”, counterfeit “money.”

We are being lied to about the virus to change the core balance of freedom and rights and to usher in a new way of living. Social Distancing, what propaganda. Has anyone asked where is this six trillion dollar is coming from? Why is America being pushed so far into debt for the average citizens but yet the rich just keep on getting a bailout and buying everything including the Federal Reserve?

The virus is a cover to change the fundamental rights of American citizens. And to steal trillions of dollars. What congressmen and senators and governors are invested in the companies who should be allowed to go bankrupt. They will lock up poor people who can not pay their bills in some state and the politicians hold out their hand for their cut of the pie stolen and given to the corporations by these same political hacks. What a scam.

The Federal Reserve is the problem. Creating “money” out of thin air.  Congress is the problem since they have no accountability what so ever for all the currency they spend that we the people do not have. Congress belongs in prison. Just lock up every one of them who votes to continue to raise the debt ceiling and therefore spend money they borrow on the backs of our great-great-great-grandchildren.

Money has a store of value. What value does a Federal Reserve Note have? If they issue a cryptocurrency based on a computer model of 0’s and 1’s, what value does it have? Even if they limit the amount like “bitcoin” what value does it have? Can you carry it with you at all times? Do you have to have a password for gold? You have been lied to, currency, “fiat money” is nothing but the police power of government to force you to use useless paper and 0’s & 1’s made up out of thin air as value. Sorry, they do not have any value except your police state authority to impose worthlessness as value.

But you cannot change the fact that Federal Reserve Notes are useless pieces of paper. That the credit card you use that creates “currency” instantly has any real value. The zero’s and one’s of your credit card only have value because you accept it. Gold has value no matter what the paper or zero’s and one’s on the banks’ balance sheet said.

You are charged interest on something that has no value and continues to fool you into thinking pieces of paper and pieces of plastic are wealth. Both are debt. Do you understand, currency, Federal Reserve Notes and Credit Cards, and Debit Cards are all debt. We as a nation owe tens of trillions of debt in Federal Reserve Notes and computer-generated zero’s and one’s out of thin air. And we have the privilege of paying the Federal Reserve interest and we have the privilege of paying the banks interest on something they created out of thin air. Shysters stealing the suckers blind. You are the suckers.

We are living in a world of lies and all the people who are in authority are the biggest liars. No matter what position they have. Politicians, Preachers, Priest, Economists, Bankers, Professors, Teachers, Police, Military all the leaders are liars. Our country is so corrupt that to act in an ethical way and call out people for what they are doing. No people just look the other way and pretend it is not happening.

The Swamp won on the virus bailout, where is all this “money” coming from? It is coming from the scam of the Federal Reserve. Creating currency out of thin air. Counterfeiting wealth and pretending its real. It is one giant scam. A Ponzi scheme that most Americans cannot see and certainly not believe. Many people cannot believe that politicians work for themselves and don’t even think of themselves as public servants but think of themselves as masters over the people. Your wealth is being stolen right before your eyes and you cannot believe they are stealing your wealth. But look again. Who is getting rich? Are you? Are your neighbors getting rich? But politicians are getting rich. Even old Bernie Sanders the proclaimed Democratic Socialist who loves communism is a millionaire. Um, how did that happen?

We the people are losing the war to the likes of communist idealogy. The progressives love to call it socialism but they fail to mention that a police state is created with dictatorial powers. A usually millions die in countries a large as America because of all those who disagree with them are marked as enemies of the state and therefore. Everything can be taken from them including their lives. The Hive Mind rules the Mob of progressive Democratic Socialist, I mean communist.

The bankruptcy of America is right around the corner and those little pieces of paper in your pocket are going to be worthless.

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