UN & WHO & BILL GATES Mandatory Vaccines

Mandatory vaccines for the greater good is nothing but a communist loving UN & WHO and Bill Gates. Who the hell does Bill Gates think he is even suggesting everyone is required to take his or any other vaccine for the greater good. Of who? People in power, rich people like yourself Bill Gates. The UN is pure communist, the WHO is pure communist why are these organizations allowed to exist on US soil.

Bill Gates develops software what the hell gives him the right to talk about or even think he can require all Americans to be vaccinated against their will. Go back to developing software and stay out of my life. Have you ever heard of civil liberties, you don’t get to demand the greater good I must be vaccinated because you can make trillions of more dollars and millions may die from your vaccines.

Who would trust a guy who develops software with your health care? Or an organization like the UN which is controlled by globalists who have made plans to disarm America (Agenda 21)  and you see them working with democrat communists like progressive communist Nancy Pelosi and AOC and Adam Shiff, and Chuch Schumer and Joe Biden they are all communist. Though Biden might not even know he supports communist ideas. And is the WHO controlled by China? With officials who are wasting millions of US Tax Payer Dollars and we just keep throwing money at them when they are siding with the Communist Chinse Party and their murderous IX Jinping. Dictator for life. Just what American taxpayers want. More waste of our wealth on people who hate us. China is America’s greatest enemy and many political leaders on both sides are working more to help Ameria become the new Communist America of the United States.

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