Government Digital Currency Equals SLAVERY And Don’t Forget Your Vaccine

Jesus said there would come a day when no man may buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. The US Government is going to create a Government Digital Currency on the blockchain and with this, they can monitor everything you spend money on. Invasion of your privacy on a massive scale. All backed up by lies, deception, and fraud. That is nothing more than “counterfeit money” that you are going to be forced to use and pay to use.

Globalism, World Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund), Central Banks, ECB, Federal Reserve.

Here are the enemies of the world. These people who control the money of the world control you. You are a slave. White, Yellow, Brown or Black we are all slaves to the monetary system. A system of valueless paper that is held up only by force. It has no value against anything real. All a Ponzi scheme for the bankers to control the world.

Now they are trying to use a virus to control us with vaccines.  If you do not have a vaccine you cannot go to the stores, you cannot go out in public, you will be pointed out as someone who is the enemy because you will not take the poison of vaccines. What a lie, these globalist, Fauci, Gates, intend to force the world to bend to their twisted reality of science. Only their vaccine can be used. What a lie. Why?

This is the world of globalism, money at any cost, more money to have more control. Bill Gates is not a scientist he is a globalist. Bill Gates and his vaccines were run out of India because of the harm it did to people, he was not run out of India for the good he did for the people of India. Bill Gates understands that trillions can be made off of vaccines. Fauci is a globalist, vaccine crazed into ignorance. Pretending he is a scientist who only insists on a vaccine for all Americans so they should be able to move about. These two men are making comments that would come out of the mouth of Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hiter, and people claim President Trump does the same. He may say he has complete authority to open the country up. But he is not insisting people be vaccinated. He is not spreading the lie that vaccines are the be all end all.

Why do people believe everything they hear out of the mouth of a communist (mockingbird) news organization like NYT, Washington Post, CNN, CNBC, The View, ABC, CBS and much of FOX news though Fox does much better than all the others. Funny to hear mockingbirds like Don Lemon, Rachael Meadow, Cuomo, Morning Joe, The View how they mock and mock and mock but yet never once offer real solutions. They should all be in government they appear to be so good at mocking “the deplorable’s.”

Rude to the President in press conferences, men or women should be banned if they cannot have a respectful attitude to asking their questions. “What were you doing in Feb. after you imposed the travel ban?”  O.K. fair question? Think of the context? What were you doing? That implies nothing was being done to stop the spread of infection. Right? So a respectful question might have been, what were you able to accomplish in Feb to prepare to stop the spread of the virus? Does not even the President of the United States deserve to be spoken to in a respectful manner?

When President Obama signed Obama Care into law, I wrote to him and I told him he was a traitor. I wrote my local congressmen and told them they were traitors. Why because they wrote into law that I was required to buy or be penalized for not having health care. Nancy Pelosi was and still is a loud and ignorant voice of incompetent leadership. Telling the Congress, “Just vote yes now and we will find out what is in it later.” Now that is how you pass major bills through the government with great leadership. Nancy Pelosi is incompetent and needs to be removed from her position as Speaker of the House,

Now with vaccines, you are going to see the same idealogy put into play. You must get “our” vaccine or else you cannot do what we say you cannot do.

Every time but one (tetanus) I have refused vaccines. I have refused medicines that have been suggested to prevent a quick death. I refuse to take all pharmaceutical drugs except in an emergency. Why you ask? Why won’t you take these “medicines?” The answer is very simple they are poison. You don’t think of medicine as poison do you? Yes, many people benefit “medicine”, yet many people suffer from medication. Now think of it Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci now say that old drugs may not work, they could be dangerous. What is more dangerous than introducing unproven vaccines that Gates and Fauci, and many others will insist are safe. Poison is poison no matter how they spin the fantasy of their globalist reality vaccine mania. They do not want you to use hydroxychloroquine because there is no money in it. Dr. Fauci’s research money might be cut. If a drug’s side effects are known and it appears to help people get better, why the issue? It’s an emergency, that is when it should be used.

Trying to force vaccines on the entire population may be the catalyst for armed revolt. It may be the collapse of the dollar. It may be the globalist victory. With millions of people lining up being vaccinated lead like sheep to the slaughter globalist getting their way and poisoning 99.9 percent of the population. 500,000 people are the goal of the world population for the globalist. And the people go willing much as many Jews did to their slaughter. You can hear the voices in the news, in government, you hear the voices in science. We have the power to save you, they claim. Yet if you look around the cities they are many areas run down, poverty everywhere, homeless people, the moral decay is eating society is and on the news you hear deception and lies of a mockingbird press give you the new Globalist/DemocraticParty/Communist deceptions, half-truths and outright lies.

Yes, viruses kill, yes the world is always in danger. Especially when governments and research foundations are playing around with deadly viruses. But even more so as the world changes so to the microbes, virus, germs change. We are all going to die. There is no reason to fear your neighbor because the government and health officials who have never seen the mutation of this coronavirus. It would be better for the world if they quit pretending their vaccines are the be all end all for humanity. More importantly, let us stand up to their insistence that we must bow to their “scientific” authority. I prefer the authority of God. Not the theories, or claims of men that they solved the problems of the world and reject the power of the Living God, “I AM” and they claim the power for themselves.



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