Lock Down the Polticans they are a virus

In a world of hysteria, the government orders the lockdown of Americans. That is a denial of civil liberties, and freedom itself. Locking down business is illegal against the constitution. Facebook is a totalitarian social network following in the footsteps of the Chinese Communist Party.  Denial of civil liberties and betrayal of the Constitution. People should close their Facebook accounts so they are not subjected to the Facebook Communist Censorship. Bill Gates wants the world locked down until he finds a vaccine. Bill Gates needs to be locked down into an insane asylum.

Save us, Bill Gates, save us, we can’t live without your vaccine. Heil Gates.

Romans 1:22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”* though this quote is in reference to fools not believing God and worshiping anything but god. It could well be used for the same fools, such as Bill Gates who thinks he is a god. Go back to your billion-dollar home and stop pretending anyone with half a brain would listen to you about anything other than putting computer parts and programs together. The world does not need more Bill Gates vaccines.  And take your sidekick, Dr. Fauci, with you.

Take the criminal political elite and lock them down. Many democrat governors, many democrats congressmen, all of the bureaucrat’s democrats these are the virus that is killing America, the last bastion of freedom. These political elites even have the police thinking they can lock people up for sitting in their yard, walking around without a mask because they said so. The is political terror. The American people are being terrorized by the entire political class of people who push the hysteria of the virus. People die, viruses kill young and old since when did we lock down a country because people have died from a virus? This is not a pandemic this Spanish Flue of 1918 was killing health people 15-  34, if that were happening today indeed it would be a pandemic. But what are we seeing older people like myself and unhealthy people are suffering the brunt of this virus? If only the strong survive then isn’t nature just taking its course? If this virus kills roughly the same amount of people as the flu does each year. Then something much darker is going on. The US nor the world economies can be shut down and mass suffering will not take place. Mass suffering much worse than the virus. Mental Illness will rise, resentment, hatred, mass confusion, hysteria, violence, and rioting as food shortages occur and more deaths from the mental confusion of this political torture.

The democrats see this as an opportunity to install their socialist reality. Forcing people by threats of arrest and fines if they do not obey their orders. Well, it just shows how ignorant they are as people are not going to obey them after a certain point. And as government authority breaks down so to will the society because the powers that be are responsible for the actions they take and for every action there is a direct and opposite reaction so fully expect the people to come after the elected officials, the people who sit on the boards of banks and the federal reserve and the owners of these institutions. They can live in the fantasy of their Green New Deal, but the cold hard facts are people will not go hungry while Nancy Pelosi sits in her million-dollar home and eats ice cream. She may think she is the queen of America but she is not. She is the leading hypocrite in America.

There are many sinister forces at work in this world. Many people with motivations with dark agendas.  The majority of the people have been fooled into believing the deceptions and lies of media outlets, corporations, polls, elected officials. America still stands for the ideals of “soul liberty”. The right of each person to choose how they will live and believe. How they will worship God and how they will turn their backs on God. Each person has this fundamental right to choose their own path and though the government has some power they are not unlimited. Hilary Clinton said there are limits to the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Well, there are also limits to how much the people will take before the people decide political power has limits and the only limits are the ones the people will accept before they revolt.






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