The Battle Between Righteous and Unrighteousness

The Battle Between Righteous and Unrighteousness

The right and the wrong are at war. Both beliefs hold to the idea that their idea is right and the other wrong. Both insist they are correct, and the other is wrong. So two believe they are right, and both believe the other is wrong. So the question of right and wrong is now not a question of morality, nor is it a question of truth. Now right or wrong depends on your feelings, or does it?

What is right about governments turning people into slaves to the welfare state? What is right about a government that prints fake money and lends it at interest and demands the business give the government a stake in their business. That is Fascism plain and simple. Steve Munchin. is a wall street puppet and now he says if a business takes loans they must give up interest to the government. Steve Manuchin is promoting Fascism. Government control of the private business. Is this what the end goal is? To create a socialist or fascist state. How can the American taxpayers but put on the hook to bail out the State of IL, or NY for the states’ horrible financial decisions? Giving  400k retirements to state employees. Try cutting the retirements of all those people. Try cutting back on government employee’s raises and benefits. How about all the elected officials take a 50% pay and benefits cut. And all the bureaucrats should be put out of government employment. Let them all get a private job and stop sucking the life out of the American taxpayers.

NY deserves to go bankrupt. They wish to abort babies, they wish to give illegals welfare, health care, money. They wish to spend their money frivolously on illegals and they want the rest of the country to bail them out of their own stupidity. Tell Cuomo NY needs to fail. Its been a failed state since Democrats took over the government in Albany. As well as IL and CA all of these states need to feel the pain of bankruptcy. Just as Boeing and many other corporations and Banks need to fail.

When bankrupt people and business and especially large “too big to fail” corporations are not allowed to go bankrupt, we the people bail them out. That is moral corruption. President Trump is moving us into bankruptcy not because he created the problem but because the nation has been bankrupt for years and not one large corporation is allowed to fail. But they need to fail because of bad decisions. America is broke and has been broke for many years. We are going the way of  Venezuala into abject poverty for the average person and unbelievable wealth for the political leaders who think they are entitled to everything we the people cannot afford to have. How do people go into politics and come out multimillionaires? A job that pays $175K per year turns into millions and millions of dollars for the elected officials. How long before AOC becomes a millionaire? How long has Bernie Sanders the socialist/communist been a millionaire?

America what is going on in your country? Ask yourself are these people honest, forthright, and trying to serve the people, or are they dishonest, deceiving, lying, and serving themselves in their position of power. Why does the socialist, give most of their money to charity? Should not these socialist live a more righteous existence? Yet they do not. They slander, they lie, they deceive, they are hypocrites.

They do not believe in God let alone the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the “Word of God”. Thus they see evil and good and good as evil. They think socialism is a great equalizer for humanity and indeed it is. It is a return to the feudal mentality of equal poverty for all except the socialist leaders. They reap the riches out of all the people they have driven to poverty. You see it already with the actions of Nancy Pelosi showing off her expensive home and her gourmet ice cream while many American’s are suffering because of ideals of the elites who have no idea what they are doing. Their lack of common sense is destroying this nation. Their grabs for power and control are destroying freedom, individual liberty, religious freedom, mental freedom with their hair-brained solutions to reality. Throwing money at anything and everything and putting the bill on the back of the American taxpayers. What a lie these people wrought. Now they think every one must be vaccinated against a virus, they have never seen and have yet to figure out a way to deal with it. I do not put poison (vaccines/medicine) as it is called in the world today, into my body just because some doctor or company develops some new poison that they prescribe.

How many people will be denied their civil liberties if they refuse to take the “Gates/Fauci Vaccine.”  Will people be ostracized out of society for not following the hive mind into vaccine fantasy. Human beings are very smart but do they really know as much as they claim to know? There are raging arguments about if vaccines help or harm. Why are small children given poison from the moment they are born. More importantly, why are thy marked with a social security number? Marked like cattle, lead to the slaughter doing what the “authorities” say or else. Why is poison revered as medicine? Vaccines are a type of preventive medicine and harm millions of people when given. Most doctors have some vague idea of what the meds will do but you do not hear disclaimers about the side effects for no reason. Because some people feel the side effects of the poison.

So common sense ask a question? Why do you think a vaccine from a group of people who are injecting harmful material into your body that they say will protect you? Do you believe them? Does the flu vaccine work? Are vaccines causing a surge in Downes Syndrome?  I do not claim to know. I simply know that man is a liar and I trust that Jesus Christ is telling the truth.

When has a doctor ever said to you this “medicine” is very toxic, its poison to the human body. but take it and it should make you feel better. Vaccines are toxic and dangerous to the human body, is it poison, or medicine?

Why would people think our lives cannot return to normal until we have a vaccine. Does the State and Federal government along with their CDC organization think they can vaccinate every person in the world? This is the absolute ignorance of a hive mind.

What happens when the virus mutates during, before, or after you develop a vaccine will it work or will it just be more poison to kill you off quicker. What happens when people refuse to take the vaccine? Is that person who refuses the vaccine now marked as enemies? Are they to be forced into quarantine because they refuse to take the poison.

People need to open their eyes to our true reality. We live in a world where people have been taught to hate America. Yet this hatred that is taught is the great lie. The people teaching you to hate America are the greatest liars in the world. Add them to the political class who think are they entitled and the media class who have become CIA “Mockingbirds”. Lying in the face of the truth that most people with common sense can see is nothing but a twisting of the truth to spin their own political or media agenda their master the CIA has told them to spread. Truth is damned. Just give the people lies. Tell it long enough and they will come to believe it to be the truth.

You see this with currency, you call it money. But it is currency. “Fiat Money” is fake money. A substitute for real money. The world uses a fake money system to buy real assets. Money is not pieces of paper, it is not credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, nor is it the Federal Reserve. Money is GOLD, Money is Silver. Now the government is talking about issuing a fiat digital currency. So now 0’s & 1’s on a computer screen have value! Not to me they do not. They are fake and you are being swindled if you fall for the government issued “digital currency” One more scam run by the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks, IMF, World Bank ECB, and all the major banks of the world. One more PONZI Scheme of fake money forced on the people.

0’s & 1’s typed into a Federal Reserve or US Treasury computer out of thin air is not real. And they want to charge you interest to type in the 0’s & 1’s. What a scam. This is the lie you are living under. Now the vaccine lie is taking hold and those people of the HIVE MIND those who cannot think for themselves will fall in line blind to the lies they hear every day from their HIVE masters.

Soon America will be a feudal state for the globalist, and the Federal Reserve Banks. Is it time to remove the Federal Reserve and their PONZI Scheme they are playing on the Amerian People. This Federal Reserve System of Central Banks is a lie to steal the wealth of everyone for themselves. THIS IS THE GREATEST ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.




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