Police STATE AMERICA the New Normal?

Fools in government are demanding people believe their lies. Lies about the virus being the real issue. The virus excuse will be used to destroy your freedom, steal your wealth as the Federal Reserve continues to pump money in the “Stock Market” to buy up everything and put the bill on the American taxpayer. The New Normal is a lie. That is just another way to create a police state here in America. Communists globalist mentality. This is a communist attack. An Internal, communist attack by globalist, democrats, communist, socialist, fascist. Who are they? Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Bill Gates, China, Governors of states. Fauci? Are these people committing sedition and treason and getting away with it? These people are in league with the Chinese Communist Party. Raking in millions of dollars and betraying their country, America. Time to rise up patriots against the fear, lock-down, lies of government and globalist. Time to rise up against all those who hate the Lord Jesus Christ, “I AM.” Truth is painful and there will be no repentance from people who are a part of the hive mind of the Chinese Communist Party. Progressives, Socialists, are anti-freedon and must be voted out.

Do what we say or else. The Political Class is the enemy of the people. The Globalist Class is the enemy of the people, people like George Soros, Bill Gates. They are in love with the communist style of government. Do what we say or else. It is time to call out all of the “govnuts” traitors to America and arrest them for sedition.  Now the “social media” outlets in America are social censoring its members. Just like communist China. The World’s greatest enemy is the leader of CHINA, Xi Jinping leader of the world’s greatest human enemy, the Chinese Communist Party. Great Chinese people are being punished for not thinking like, for not obeying this murderous regime. Xi Jinping is the leader of a Godless GOVERNMENT, destroying a great nation. Now you see this communist influence reaping the harvest in America. This is War, not against the Chinese people but against our own government leaders and of the world’s leaders. These are the most corrupt people on earth and are working hand in hand with

Xi Jinping the world’s greatest human enemy. CCP’s godless murderous leader.

Look at Baltimore Maryland using drones to spy on the people to keep them at a social distance. Fabricated tyranny by political nuts who are full of themselves and power is going to their heads. These “govnuts” as I have heard the political hacks called lately are simply trying to see how far they can push the people before they push back against the political hacks who pretend there is a great virus emergency. Listening to these vaccine researchers who lose funding when vaccines are not injected into the people. We must stay shut down until a vaccine is found. So you are saying that every American must stay in their homes until a vaccine is found is as stupid as a human being can get. These news outlets today spread fear, anger, and hatred and they are not worth a single listen. Don Lemon, Rachel Meadow, Jake Tapper, and a host of other CNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox morons pretending they are real journalists. They are nothing more than rumor mongers, like the personalities on the VIEW. Are all mockingbird CIA operatives following the party line? Mockingbird journalism is nothing but communist propaganda spewed daily to indoctrinate the American people into believing the lies they repeat over and over and over and over and laughing and mocking anyone who can see through their lies of  “fake news” and dares to disagree. Petty minds, petty thinking, solutions never offered, praise never offered, just a repeat of lies, fear, anger, and hatred.  People are in love with hate and anger and the “journalist” spreading nothing but deception and anger and hatred.

The problem is debt. Theft by political hacks, theft by corporations, theft by bureaucrats, theft by banks, theft by the Federal Reserve and all other Central Banks and World banks IMF, and many others banking and investments are nothing but theft of the populations’ wealth. This is why they shut down the countries of the world now they can steal it all because most people are now further in debt than they were just two months ago. Communist lies, selfish people in government, greed, corruption, and most importantly they do not fear God. We are now lead by people who do not fear God, they think they are equal to God. They actually believe we should obey them instead of the Lord Jesus Christ, I AM. This is why they hate you and all other believers and followers of “I AM.”



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