Do You Need To Murder Me Because I Believe and I Trust the Lord Jesus Christ?

I see the world refuses to believe the Lord Jesus Christ. Nearly everyone has rejected or pretends to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and many will fail in their faith or lack of faith when the hard choices must be made in your journey down the path to the righteousness of God, with the Good Shepard leading us the unrighteousness to the righteousness of God the Father that we might be saved.

Hocus Pocus many people shout, nothing proven, nothing gained. Let us cast spells to bring forth the spirits to guide us to live forever. Ghosts, spirits, entities, aliens, demons, Satan, angels, Nephilim, Seraphim, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, “I AM”, God they all exist. That is why the minds of men are so confused they choose to believe one or the other but not both. Yet if humans would look at the world and see all of these things exist.  Many things are happening that we cannot see, both never the less they are happening.

The “New Age” is rising. The spirit of Aquarius, the spirit of antichrist is rearing its ugly head in many places around the world. In America, abortion is promoted like it is a lifestyle choice instead of what it is, individual selfishness. Narcissism at its highest level and today abortion are promoted by politicians as a women’s reproductive rights. This abortion agenda is promoted all over the world by foul people. These people who promote abortion also use population growth as an issue for their agenda.

So as the world turns we see the people who push for abortions many are against gun ownership. So murder your child in the womb. We will take your guns and murder you when we do not like what you are saying or doing. Little Xi Jinping’s abound in this world. Many governors are proving themselves to be little Xi Jinping’s. Wishing to be dictators for life with their police state mentality. Is this what Nancy Pelosi and most democrats want? Amerio-chin, the new communist state of America. With Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and AOC, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the Gang of 4. America’s new Chinese Communist Party puppets. Along with the social media outlets, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and search engines Google, and who knows how many other social platforms are marching to the communist beat of censorship and pretending it goes against their guidelines, hah hah. What they are saying is it goes against the Chinese Communist Party guidelines of President for life, little Hitler, Xi Jinping.

It is not a virus that makes me anti-CCP and anti-Xi Jinping it is his and the Chinese Communist Party hatred of God, the Lord Jesus, anyone who has even a nonconformist belief is a target of a hate-filled, devious, manipulative, unjust, thief and murderer. So exactly why is the social media and tech giants of the world following and praising the CCP? Why are our political leaders, our governors working with CCP. They hate all the other American’s who do not want anything to do with the CCP.

It’s because you intend to follow the CCP model of social engineering in America? Anti-God, anti-life, anti-guns, anti-contact, anti-living? How long before you introduce bills to kill anyone anytime you deem it necessary just like the CCP? Do you need to murder me like Xi Jinping is doing in China to good Chinese people of all beliefs? I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ do you need to murder me America? Xi Jinping does. Does the progressive communist left, the democrats and their pretend conservative republicans intend to make America a police state where they can murder at will? Steal at will! These trillions of dollars that are being printed are all fake money. Every bill they press the less value the bill you have in your bank or pocket and all future bills are worth. They are slowing enslaving everyone with their lies and deceptions about “currency” and “money.”

Communism is the enemy of all mankind. Every person who is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, everyone who speaks in a positive light about the CCP or communism or socialism or fascism, progressives, liberals are enemies of people who love freedom. To gun owners, liberty or death is no joke. And since Xi Jinping is troubled by American’s who own guns, you can see why the Democrats who love the idea of a police state in America where they are in charge want to take American’s guns. Democrats are communist, maybe not all of them. Yet it is obvious all the leaders and “stars” are, no matter how they call themselves, progressives, socialist, social democrats, liberals, whatever they prefer.  These are the enemies of God, they hate the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. They believe they have the right to rule this world and the people on it in their misguided anti-Christ, new age beliefs. Abortion, homosexuality, trans-humanism, transgenderism are all anti-Christ and enemies of God. No matter how loudly they proclaim they believe in God, it is not what they say but what they do, what fruit they bear.

No matter how much propaganda comes out of the CCP mouthpieces that are Anti-American. American gun owners will not give up guns without a civil war or in the CCP case if they attack America ever gun owner will happily and will be called to arms. Young boys and old men, young girls, and old women we will all be their armed to the teeth waiting. Standing with the Full Armour of God, fearless in the face of your hatred of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Make no mistake though America’s political leaders were a bunch of stumbling fools, we are not lead now by a leader who is a stumbling fool and we stand ready willing and able to defend America but more importantly to stand up and tell the CCP that we love God, we love America, we love Jesus Christ, we love freedom. Now is the time to push back against the CCP loving democrats and vote them out of office, before the civil war does break out.


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