China Beautiful People Ruled by Cruel Masters

China, the ancient land long before the USA. They knew of the Lord Jesus Christ thousands of years ago. They have marked the day in time. The Chinese like all nations have a population that loves God and a population that does not know God and a ruling class population who hates God. Much is the same in America. You see the narcissist coming out in our social media, news broadcast, political officials. Much the same as the CCP, cruel narcissist rulers who hate all mankind who will not bow to their dreamed up authority to rule every human on earth. America has this same plague, look at the America Democratic party. They want to give power and authority to illegal immigrants and punish the taxpaying public, the middle class and force them to pay for all the things they wish to give away. Promises, promises, of free everything and the people who do not have any common sense, don’t realize that we are losing our freedom to the ideologues of social media, broadcast news, elected officials who care nothing about America or the American people as long as China and the CCP can keep forcing the Chinese people to work for crumbs while the Leaders sit in luxury and eat as much as they want and imprison or murder just as their beloved mass murderer Chairman Mao did anyone who dares disagree, speaks out or protest is an enemy of the Democrats and the CCP.

Is this is the model for America the social media, the news outlets, the elected officials on both sides desire? Police State America like Police State China. Well with 300 million guns in the hands of the American people who are patriots to the nation no wonder XI the dictator for life in a murderous regime of communist control is worried about Americans owning guns. 1984 is the world the people of China suffer under with the CCP control instead of the God Fearing, Nation loving honest Chinese. Now, this plague is beginning to take hold in America with all the traitors to America preaching their communist god-hating, abortion loving mantras. We see American mainstream media is protecting, defending the communist CCP murderers, and condemning God Fearing, freedom-loving American’s. Democrats are like a communist plague against freedom and liberty.  Democrats are a giving America to the world and telling the American taxpayer we must pay for the world. 3 trillion offered by the democrats to anyone who is not American. These elected officials are enemies of the people just as the mainstream media is and have betrayed our country and need to be held accountable for their nefarious actions.

China filled with beautiful people with a long history are being treated like dogs by a little Hitler name XI. He and his CCP dictators are enemies of all people of the world just as the Democrats and the globalist wish to tell the world what they can think when they can do and if they don’t obey punish them. The power-mad narcissists are in control of the world. Stand up and speak out against these enemies of the people, enemies of God, and most importantly of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray for our enemies like Xi even though we believe he will destroy as many lives as he can before he dies. It seems the goal of the CCP, the Democrats, the Socialist, the Communist, Globalist, and the Social Media outlet and the Main Stream media is to control the very thoughts the people have as well as their actions. And if the people dare disagree, social shaming, fines, penalties, jail time and murder. The New Normal is a dictatorship by the powers that be. Lies about reality are distorting the truth and people cannot see the truth for all the lies hiding the truth. This lock-down is just a lie. The real issue is little Hitler’s in the position of power think they have the right to make up rules for human behavior because of a virus. Please is anyone who is fooled by the virus scam, look at the economic problems nearly every country on earth, nearly every state, every city, nearly every large corporation, and nearly every household in America were broke before the virus and by shutting down the economy they can blame bad economic policy on the virus and nearly everyone in America will be living in poverty going forward because of elected and government bureaucrats their “official decisions”. Raising the debt limit year after year after year and never balancing the budget. Going further and further into debt and now letting a virus be the scapegoat for all the political left-wing, communist/globalist loving elected officials budget decisions. And foremost the Federal Reserve and the Central Banking System. Stealing the wealth of nations. It is time to confiscate the assets of all Central Banking investors who have swindled Americans and the World with the Central Banks. IMF, ECB, WMF, the Federal Reserve, and forcing fiat currency on the public without public consent. One giant Ponzi scheme by these bankers, investors, governments, and “too big to fail” corporations.

Why does the Federal Reserve have the right to steal the wealth of the world with “fake money?” Zero and ones on a balance sheet are not wealth creation, it is theft and Central Banks like the Federal Reserve, the IMF,  the World Bank, and all other nations “Central Banks” are all thieves, being allowed to steal the wealth of the world for themselves and their cronies. Corruptions abound with the narcissist who is in control of the world. Like Xi, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, Obama, Biden, Nadler, Cuomo, and all the little Hitler governors and mayors across America. These people have marked themselves “enemies of the people” as power has gone to their heads and we can see how they act with dictatorial decrees of tyranny.



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