CCP Hates Freedom, Freedom Hates the CCP

China a nation so rich in history and tradition that it has flowed around the world. A country of beauty and majesty and wonderful people of all kinds. But like here in America, China is lead by a ruthless murderous political dictator. Xi, and a party of sheep who follow everything the leader demands. A hive mind is all the CCP is and Xi is the “queen bee.” The newest Hitler in the World, the newest Stalin, the newest Chairman Mao how many people were murdered by these leaders of a hive mind government. Communists, Progressives as they liked to be called here in America, or Social Democrat or Globalist. All the leaders of these socials, communist movements were traitors to the people of their nation by enslaving them and by murdering anyone who the “queen bee” told them to eliminate.

News agencies in America are reporting that Hydroxychloroquine will kill you. Well as I remember there are quite a few “drugs” prescribed by doctors that kill people. Have you not heard the side effects in tv commercials. Misinformation is more dangerous than Hydroxychloroquine and the “Fake Propaganda” that the likes of major network news outlets spew out their dribble daily. This lie about hydroxychloroquine will kill you is pure deception because so many other drugs have side effects that will kill some people. The likes of Bernie Sanders and the Progressive democrats love this shutdown. People are suffering and they get paid no matter what. All elected officials and bureaucrats should be laid off and they can collect unemployment and stay home. People who are not cowards and not liars who are not trying to deceive the people will go back to work. People who can think for themselves and do not need propaganda news outlets like CNN, CNBC, and Fox Network is falling in line with a progressive globalist communist propaganda. Listening to and believing all these “news” outlets is more dangerous to your health. They can pretend they care but they do not really care how many people die as long as they can keep up the propaganda and destroy the framework of America we love and they seem to hate.

It is really hard to believe that Communist-run the Democratic party completely and the globalist run nearly all of the Republican party so we have two parties who care more about communist and globalist agendas than the agenda of the American Nation. Cowards and Traitors are all they are. In this “lock-down” we see the tyrants rise to the top of the heap and try and make use of the crises to line their own pockets and to destroy as much American liberty and freedom as they can. Spewing fear and paranoia, seeking to track people via the virus tracking of who you have been in contact with. It is none of the government’s business and certainly not the CDC. This is just another crisis they communist progressives like Nancy Pelosi and the Gang of 4 communist followers, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Maxine Waters don’t want to let go to waste. These are the communist enemies of America. Following Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals ideal dedicated to Lucifer just like his book Rules for Radicals. God hater, communists, glorified by the liberal left as a great community organizer but hiding in plain sight is the communist agenda of his beliefs. And his love of Lucifer and hatred of God and of course the Lord Jesus Christ.

With the likes of Mitch O’Connell and Lindsay Graham who are more globalist than nationalists. Mitch O’Connell lets things slide on by and ignores them and Lindsay Graham talks a big game but never shows up to play. We have seen nothing but talk and no action from either on the attempt to overthrow the duly elected president, Donald J. Trump. Did democrats attempt to overturn an election by illegal means is sedition and if they were working with others it is a conspiracy to overthrow the government and should be treated as such? Just by looking the other way I believe people in the Senate and Congress are guilty of incompetence.

Nancy Pelosi the self-proclaimed progressive is an incompetent elected official who is 3rd in line for the Presidency if something were to happen to the President or Vice President. She and Xi would truly be best friends as she would force America into communist slavery just like the Chinese Communist Party has done to the Chinese people for 75 years or so.

Here is a quote from the progressive loving Wikipedia “The CPC is officially organised on the basis of democratic centralism, a principle conceived by Russian Marxist theoretician Vladimir Lenin which entails democratic and open discussion on policy on the condition of unity in upholding the agreed upon policies. “

They left out one important detail and that is if anyone disagrees, or fails to follow the CCP mandates that person is denied basic human rights, freedom, and even the right to live if you fail to toe the line of the  murderous CCP parties “agreed upon policies.”

Hidden in plain sight is a group of people who our own Democrat party leaders love. They can make billions of dollars, and turn middle-class Americans into paupers asking for handouts from the almighty leaders of the American communist government. Democrats love communism, they love to play with words and call communism many names. Social Democrat, Socialist, Progressive, and even the world liberal is now more aligned with communist ideals than with ideal of individual liberty, and self-governance. Once the democrats regain the power they will punish everyone who refuses to toe the party line, just like their little Hitler friend Xi of Communist China.

If you really believe the democrats are for America look at their HERO Act, giving money to criminal aliens, their favorite scams, and of course keep funding abortion and call it reproductive rights. The murder of your baby is still an essential need for the Democrats in this made up pandemic. But don’t go into a church and pray to God, that would be too dangerous. Who put these fools in power in America? Did you vote for one of the little Hitlers? 

America is an armed nation and if the Democrats do not want to see civil war they better get their heads out of the CCP’s rear-end. The Democrats in power better wake up to the fact that we will not follow their beloved Lucifer loving Saul Alinsky. Nor will we follow them and trust them or believe anything they ever say again. I believe the democrat party is in league with the CCP to invade America from within, 5th columnist, enemies from within. And the democrat party is putting up for President a man who loves the CCP and who has never had a real job his entire life. He has never been successful at anything but suckering people into voting for him over and over and over while he and his family are getting rich off the positions of power he has held.

To all the major media mouthpieces we know you are lying, we know you are working with the communist democratic party. We know you are nothing more than CIA mockingbirds who will do whatever they are told and never question anything at all. Little cowards who are not a journalist but just big brother propaganda agents lying to the people and pretending they are telling the truth.


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