Are You Afraid to Learn From Jesus?

All around the world people are talking about learning, sharing, contributing to the progress of mankind. There are intellectuals out there teaching about all the different social, mental, spiritual, and technological paths to human progress. Many people are looking for the singularity of AI. Many are looking for the coming of their Spiritual Masters to teach them. Others are calling on entities with sorcery and “magic.”  Our childen see more shows on Magic, Demons, ET’s, Aliens than reality. In the classrooms AI & Computers are hailed as the leading light to save mankind from himself.

We hear it all the time. AI will save mankind. Or let the Spiritual Masters guide you to becoming the god that you are. Cast spells for your future. Read the tarot cards and understand the future the cards reveal. Let the spirits enter into you guide you to godhood.

Even more extreme are people talking about living forever. Inside of a computer as a virtual human. Others want to be frozen and brought back when a cure is found. Others want to become transhuman and become a part human part machine and live forever.

Many people don’t believe these things will take place. However, if a human being can imagine it they can figure out how to create it. They will take place.

So the minds of humanity are turned to creating their own godhood. Just as in the Tower of Babel human beings thinking they can reach or become gods themselves.

But are we gods or human beings? What godlike power do we have? Which of us can bring forth the seed that is planted and grows, reproduces after its own kind, and dies? No man can bring forth even a tiny little seed that will grow, reproduce after its own kind, and dies. Has a new plant life every been created from a new seed that man created? No, only crossbreeding what already exists to bring forth a different variety of its own kind.

All of the people who are searching in all the secret places for information and guidance do not seem to realize that it is really misinformation. False information to guide you further and further away from what is plainly seen.

The new hope of many is we figure out how can humans live forever. They wish to walk down a false road of life. Where living is not alive and we all live in a virtual world. So human beings are willing to learn from each other, from computers, AI, spirit guides, aliens, science, technology, pagan gods, pagan religions but very few are willing to learn from the Lord Jesus Christ, I AM.

The greatest knowledge in the world is learned from God, I AM.  And his son, the Word of God, Jesus of Nazareth, his the only voice of truth. He is the singularity, he is the only Master who can teach the Love that is God. God loves the human race but does not play favorites to sinners. He knows we are all sinners. This is why the Lord Jesus Christ is the one we should look to for guidance, knowledge, truth, and righteousness.

If you wish to learn the truth of reality looking no further than Creation and the Creator. The Word of God is a powerful voice in the wilderness. Heard by many, yet heeded by few.

Revelation 9:6 “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

People all over the world are studying and learning but they are not learning and studying the “Word of God.” In fact most of society today wants God dead. And Jesus they believe is an insult because he dare tell them the truth which they did not and still today do not want to hear.  Sin is death, we are all sinners, we all die. Thus forgiveness of sin is only acquired by repenting of sin. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only person in history who has told you the truth and you refuse to believe him simply because other men have called him a liar. But what human being can stand up to the truth of who and what Jesus Christ is the truth of the Word of God, I AM.

Read Your Bible:

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