CCP Trolls and the Great Lie

The Chinese Communist Party hates God, they pretend they are helping people but everything the CCP does is for the benefit of members of the CCP, not the vast majority of honest, hard-working noncommunist Chinese people.  All the power of the CCP benefits the party members and its minions but not the vast population of honest, good, god-fearing Chinese people. People just like American’s who just want the government to leave them alone and let them live. Not stifle their voices, not beat them if they protest, not murder them if they refuse to go along with the totalitarian CCP.

Around the world, the CCP trolls pretend it is this great helper, yet all the while they scheme and deceive and lie, cheat and steal the property of other countries and companies. The CCP has proven to be nothing but a lying, stealing a bunch of thugs lead by little Hitler, Xi.

Little cowards who pretend the communist way is the best way, all the while they murder anyone who speaks to loudly against them. Hong Kong is a perfect example, they break the binding treaty and pretend it is not any one’s business but China’s. Liar, thieves, hypocrites, and murderers this is all the CCP stands for. Anything that benefits the party members but nothing for the vast majority of the people of China. Our own democrats and republicans act very much the same way. Lining their pockets with deals with China. Corruption exist in both countries and the evil hive mind of communism is exactly what the democrats want to create in America. Civil war will be the future if the Communist Democrat Party pushes too far. Just as the vast population of China is just about ready to shake off the yoke of the CCP and look to freedom instead of slavery by the CCP.

Social Democrats, Socialists, Liberals, Progressives, Fascists, Globalists, Communists all fit under the umbrella of a “hive mind.”  All in lockstep to the hive. Obey us or suffer the pain of our power and authority. All of these people hate liberty, freedom, gun ownership, free speech, capitalism, free market, real money (gold & silver), free thinkers, believers in God. anyone who believes in Jesus Christ they hate all the people who love these ideals and beliefs.

Do we want a world where the government is the slave master? Where every human being will be a slave to the state. This is what the CCP has done to the Chinese people. This is exactly what the Democrat party in the US wants. Most of them are just communists calling themselves anything but what they really are to fool the people into thinking they represent the people when they represent themselves, their friends, and the people paying them off. The Federal Reserve is buying up the US and no one seems to understand they are turning the country into a nation of debt slaves.

Wake up America the communist have raised their ugly heads again. Look at the laws proposed by progressive Nancy Pelosi, giving money to illegal aliens but not to American citizens. They do not want to help small businesses because she is invested in big business. You can bet just like the hypocrite Bernie Sanders who must be gleefully happy now that the US government and the Federal Reserve are sending helicopter money to the world. All the while driving the poor and middle class further into poverty. The Great Lie of MMT and the Federal Reserve Banking System. Steal from the world for our own benefit. Time to abolish the Federal Reserve and confiscate all the wealth of their investors.




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