Let them deny it!

Who are the Enemies of America?

My fellow Americans do you know who your enemies are?  As a nation, do you know who our enemies are? Is it the Communist Chinese? Yes.

Every one of us who were born here in America understands that we have enemies around the world. But most Americans have a hard time believing that our greatest enemies are our elected officials. Not that every elected official is the enemy of Americans. But every one of them who writes and introduces laws that steal the wealth of the nation and give it to the bankers and the global capitalist and themselves are the enemy of the citizenry. Elected officials who believe they have the right to take control of your health care, your diet, your children, and deny your civil rights under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Your right to live as you wish without the government micromanaging your life. Down to the food, you eat . Soon it will be the food you will not be able to get your hands on, and starvation and famine will reap the people.
Joe Biden many democrats have expressed the desire to confiscate American’s guns.  The state government of VA, which is under Democratic Party control is passing laws to restrict gun ownership and to ban many guns from the state altogether. Making it criminals out of thousands of citizens with the stroke of a pen, they move a step towards tyranny. A giant step towards tyranny, just as in Nazi Germany did under Hitler. Who disarmed the Jews and murdered them. Same in the Soviet Union, the same in Communist Red China. People who think in this manner are tyrants seeking power. The power to destroy their enemies at all levels. They are creating the “Hive Mind” of communist tyranny over the people. Their goal is simple, disarm the people and then terrorize them and lock them up and murder any who will not conform. This is the real vision of the Democratic Party today. Let them deny it. The Democratic Party and Republican globalist and all the people who support them are the greatest threat to America and the freedom of every American. These democrats take their fear of gun ownership as a personal affront to their individual liberty when, in fact, gun ownership is the sole reason total tyranny has not gained power in America. To elect anyone of the democratic party candidates could well be the worlds next Adolph Hitler and that includes Jewish members like Bernie Sanders, dictators in waiting. Like the littler Hitler in the CCP Xi. God Hater, tyrant, liar, thief, and murderer.

The threat from the government is the reason we, as citizens, must organize into a National Political Party of well-armed citizens. The organization of manpower is the communist biggest strength. But because they twist the truth, tell half-truths, slander, tell outright lies, mislead the people. This is their weakness, liars can and will be exposed, such as Elizabeth Warren who claimed to have native Cherokee blood I don’t blame her for that, many people have done that. But when she claims to be a minority with skin as white as snow and knows full well, she is not a member of the tribe but uses it all her life to gain an advantage over others. How is she to be trusted? It’s been reported Bernie Sanders took his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. It seems to be ole Bernie might be a Soviet sleeper agent. He does more to harm America than he does to help America. He is just another congressman who has done nothing but lines his own pockets at the expense of the American people, a complete fraud?  Kamala Harris lied as a prosecuting attorney, she and the rest of the communist want the population unarmed so they can come in and murder anyone who disagrees or refuses to follow their demands. They will say they were elected, and these laws are by, and for the people, when they come to take your guns, then your freedom, then your life, you will have no way to protect yourself or your family, just like the Jews in Nazi Germany. Slaughtered by the millions. This is what this new democratic party will do once they establish complete control. Let them deny it.

Make no mistake. These communist democrats have been working for years to put themselves into these positions; many will say they are just misguided. That does not lessen the threat of these elected officials who wish to destroy the powerful documents that give the people the ideals of freedom. So let us make it clear to all the Democrats and Rhino Republicans that the American people will form the Patriot Militia Party.

PMP will be very much about gaining the voice of people who believe in the core values of American Democracy. Not socialist handouts by the government. Our goal should be to create community outreach programs with roots of Conservative values. Values that will hold accountable for all political decisions from local to federal as a well organized civic militia’s. We will follow the rule of law and the law of God.

We value freedom more than life; we value freedom for our children and our children’s children. Freedom screamed at the top of our lungs against the political Communist take over of America. 2020 will be the end of America if a Democrat or Rhino Republican are elected into power. We must create a new Political Party that will challenge the Democrat Party beyond 2020 and calls out Rhino Republicans for the mistakes that have made, continue to make, and will make in the future. Greed is killing both parties. One is greed for money; the other is greed for power. Both are deadly to the nation. As they both in their way, destroy the foundation of freedom and democracy.

We want a much smaller Federal and State Governments. We stand against the United Nations as they mostly stand against the United States. We stand with all nations that love Freedom and the right to live in peace. We stand with anyone against the barbaric Islamic Shari Law. We all stand with Muslims or anyone else who wishes to come to our country and honor our Ideals and Laws and live in peace and harmony with Christians and Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and whoever else lives among us. Or who legally immigrant. Peace not by political tyranny of the communist and monetary tyranny of the government banking system in the World. The Federal Reserve, The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and their fake money system that robs every citizen of their wealth.

We demand a return to a money system that has real value and stops the government from spending money we the people do not have and stops them from spending the money of our children and their children. These government officials who spend and spend and spend and if it were their own bank account they would have been arrested for writing bad checks and fraud and sent to jail. The elected officials on both sides are destroying the future American’s economic health, and it is a moral outrage. These elected officials have raped pillaged in the United States as much as our communist enemies abroad. George W. Bush, with his communist Patriot Act, tyranny plain and simple. Obama, with his communist health care. And the slow creeping erosion of your freedoms under the guise of safety and security.

We need to bring our troops home. Countries around the world do not appreciate our presence, they just love the money soldiers inject into their economies. And the nearly free protection they are given by our military at your expense and mine along with the rest of the taxpayer’s expense. Germany does not appreciate what America does for them, so let’s pull out. France is another, let’s pull out all of our troops. If you listened to the UK elected officials, many like Sadiq Khan (CON) don’t want the US around. But that is not true of most of the people in the UK. They understand we are the bastion of liberty. And we reject tyrants like Sadiq CON. Islamic sharia follower elected to the office much like our own Ilhan Omar; both are bigots and hypocrites and liars, and in Mr. Con’s case, a total incompetent. Traitors to the countries they live in but are loyal to Shari Law, simply put enemies of America. Anyone who follows Shari Law is an enemy of God and America.

So outside of the elite bankers and billionaire capitalist, International Corporations and in the political class and of the broadcast media are many people who love America and love what we stand for. Middle America, suburban America, rural America do not want the Radical ideas of destroying our country with “green deals,” which are nothing but scams by politicians and big business and foolish ideas by ignorant people. The carbon dioxide we exhale is turned into the oxygen we breathe. It is ignorant to preach Climate Change is an issue that humanity has an effect upon except on a small scale. The planet cleans its own dirty dishes. Climate Change terrorist is the enemy of Americans. People like AOC or flat out liars and deceivers.

We all hear a grand con job from news outlets. I told my wife ten years before Donald Trump was even running for office that there was no more news; it is just what they want you’re to hear. President Trump calls it fake news, but he should call it for what it is propaganda straight out of the novel 1984. Our dystopian society is starting to take shape. The communist will demand everyone speak the same on all subjects and all ideas and all demands of the “Government” Power is the great big tug of war between liberal socialist-communist democrats and the conservative American patriots who wish to preserve their rights as American’s and not bend to the will of a lunatic fringe of slandering, deceiving, lying communist democrats. Nancy Pelosi, Chuch Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamla Harris, Cory Booker, AOC, OMAR and all the rest of the lunatic communist and Muslims who have finally revealed themselves to the general American population for what they are,  enemies of the people and of freedom and liberty. Unfortunately, they are also very dangerous. In the Analysis of a Communist System, author Milovan Djilas*. In 1957 shows very clear that everything the democratic party is doing right now is straight out of the communist playbook. This book written by a communist is so eye-opening that you will only need to place the name of the democratic party members to see how they are genuinely just communists.

Adam Schiff has stated repeatedly over and over that evidence for Russia Collusion by President Trump was “IN PLAIN SIGHT,” yet not once did he pull it out and point to it and say this is collusion. No, he just kept lying. Kamala Harris has said she would use executive orders to confiscate guns. She is inviting civil war in America. Beta O’Rourke says he will confiscate your AR rifle that he says threatens all Americans. Here again, another liberal communist threatening to take America’s guns by force. Just remember that can go both ways. And as quickly, as you deem legal gun owners enemies, you will have started the second CIVIL WAR in America. You are inviting the destruction of your freedom and you’re on security for the lies you tell about gun ownership. Declaring, “Damn right, we’re gonna take your guns.”  And we claim right now that anyone who tries to confiscate guns will have started the second CIVIL WAR as gun owners all over America will head straight to where you live Kamala, Beta, Bernie, Elizabeth along with all the other Communist. Be warned Democrats that if you try and take guns, expect to be the very first targets in this second CIVIL WAR that you are trying to create. VA political leaders you are about to fire the first shot in America’s Second Civil War. Just as your communist liberal, progressive friends want you to do. But everyone one of you makes yourself a target in the war. That is why patriots should make sure they simply vote them out, problem solved.

The communist democrats hate your freedom and they know if they take your guns they can terrorize you and imprison you and torture you and murder you as they wish, under their new “Class” system where anyone who believes in God, Guns and the Constitution are turned into the enemies of America, by lies and deception and fear. The leaders of the Democrat party and the Rhino Republicans along with many state Governors and elected state officials are the enemies of American freedom, American capitalism and the freedom we live under to worship God and bear arms to defend ourselves from government tyranny, like Kamala & Beta, that have declared they will take your legal guns. Pure government tyranny is what they are stating they will do if elected.

Elizabeth Warren tells lies for years, gains advantage and oh its ok, she is a socialist. But ask yourself, if she lied about her origin, why do you think she is not lying, stating she will dismiss student loans, free health care for all. How can you believe her? The List is endless, and they are all pro-abortion; they all claim their “Christian roots” and agree to abort unborn babies, a complete contradiction in faith. I’m sure many are happy to support the new perversion of trans-sexuality, The minds of humanity have become so twisted and evil, or so mentally ill and all those who agree that trans-sexuality is ok are just as twisted as the people engaging in this behavior. I do not believe for a moment; these people do not know what they are doing to the world. Destroying what has been considered moral conduct and turning into the debauchery of Caligula’s Orgies of Rome. Perversion raising its ugly head as our Christian moral values have been destroyed by the sick minds of the world declaring.  “Do What Thou Wilt Will Be The Whole Of The Law.” Anything that makes you feel good is ok. Soon society will walk very far down this dark path as humanity walks further away from God.  As humans walk blindly into the darkness, believing their own lies. Minds reprobate become sicker and sicker till they will do anything.

This is why we need a Patriot Militia Party today. We need to take over the local governments with conservative thinking and classical liberal thinking. Communist, Socialist, Muslim Democrats will take away your Constitution and Bill of Rights and declare all those who believe in it as enemies of America.

We must take back the city councils, The Mayoral positions, The Governorship of States and the Congress, and Senate seats in every state and throughout the Federal Government and all the public schools across America. The brainwashing of children is the preferred method of change for the communist; an ignorant generation will vote freedom right out the door.  So schools must remove the communist sexual perversion lessons to young children. These school officials who mandate these perverse sexual ideas into American school systems are enemies of God and lovers of anything that is anti-God, anti-Christ. They should be fired and replaced with people who have a moral standard higher than Darwinian evolution.

Because the elected and appointed communist officials are intent on destroying America and making all American citizens of the world. Their world, where they have complete control of your life, just as communist China is doing at this very moment with their social credit score. Controlling every aspect of their people’s lives as much as possible.

Every American who loves freedom and God, they should go and read the novel by George Orwell, 1984.  This novel is foretelling the future that many government leaders are working to create so that they have all the power over all American’s lives.

Now is the time to stand up and speak out. Because the same political party that wanted slavery of blacks to continue in the south, now want to enslave everyone American who does not agree to their communist hate agenda. The Democrat Party is striking the match that will start the second American Revolution. People are against tyranny, yet this is what the Democrats are offering the American people.  The Democrat party will strike the match that sparks the second civil war, and this will be a much bloodier war than anyone will be able to imagine.

Patriot Militia Party will stand for the Constitution as written and the Bill of Rights. For those American’s who own guns or who believe in the right to own guns who do not organize now. Soon it will be too late.

Patriot Militia Party is calling all to defend America with votes. So that we do not have another Civil War. No matter the color of your skin, no matter your faith or lack of, if you value your freedom, your right to a free market, you right to own a firearm, even if you do not actually own a gun. So that we never have to go down the road of civil war again. Which is precisely what the communist wants in America so that they can steal your freedom and your life. If they gain power, their thirst for revenge on anyone who refuses to obey will be swift and bloody, leaving a trail of broken, shattered people and corpses across America. Let them deny it.

*The New Class, by Milovan Djilas 1957

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