The Many Brutal Assualts on Freedom by the CCP

The Chinese Communist Party, the CCP a government of cowards enforced by goon squads. Sound familiar? Nazi Germany had its goon squads, Brown Shirts they were called. The SS the ultimate goon squad until the CCP a regime built for murderers, by murderers. You see the members of the CCP officials dancing to the strings of their puppet masters. In unison they clap at the latest law against the people of China and the world.

Who believes their Belt & Road plan is anything more than a plan to be able to move into nations and take them over. Like the Romans, they are building roads to dominate their neighbors. The 709 round-up of Lawyers in China fighting for citizen’s rights, imprisoned and tortured. We all remember Tienanmen Square, 10,000 or more murdered for protest against the CCP.  Imprisoned, torture and murder this is the CCP.

No American companies should be allowed to have any factories in China. If the CCP forces Hong Kong in submission all ties should be cut with China. If the CCP threatens Taiwan we should use all the military forces of all the nations to halt the communist aggression. All Chinese students should be ban from American Schools and Business. CCP spies should be rounded up and tried for crimes if they have committed any such as stealing, spying, supplying false data.

The CCP is a threat to the entire world and their Belt and Road is just another scam by the CCP to control the world. Liars and Hypocrites is all the CCP is made up of. The CCP is the enemy of the entire world.

Littler Hitler Xi is the the embodiment of evil and his party members are also reaping the benefits of keeping the people of China in a police state dictatorship.
Cut all ties to China for they are trying to start a world war, these little Hitler’s of the CCP lie to their own people claiming America is against China. That is a lie. America is against communist and that means all the people in China who are members of the CCP or are minions of the cowardly CCP.