Mind Games of Indoctrination

George Floyd a man killed by out of control police officers. And one officer did not have the sense to remove his knee from the neck of a dying man. This action of out of control police violence is very limited to a few police officers. The vast majority serve careers without such incidents. Yet now because of the mind games of indoctrination, we have a nation of youth filled with bitter pills of hatred for their country. Communists have taken over the colleges and universities, preach their message of social justice communist tripe. Xi Jiping is a mass murder why do you not protest against the brutal communist? Why do you blame a nation for the actions of a few out of control police officers? I know why. Because you have been indoctrinated in the hive mind of the communist thought police. You are wrapped up in your own hatred that you cannot see you have been lied to by the communist. Or as they like to call themselves Antifascist. ANTIFA=Against Nations Truth Individuals Freedom America, anti-American communist is all ANTIFA is. Like Black Lives Matter, just communist. Again the progressives, use the great Saul Alinsky, doctrine, “never let a crisis go to waste.” Saul Alinsky a man who dedicated his book to Lucifer. These are the ideals that lead the youth of today. Robbery Assualt Murder and Mayhem the new drug of choice.

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