Time To Call The People Who Hate America What They Are

They are communists. Bowing to the “hive mind” of social justice. Bowing to the hive mind of mob rule. Little children pretending their adults. Time for the PMP. Patriot Militia Party, standing with the US Justice Department that defends law & order. Standing with the honest hard-working police officers. Standing with the President of the United States of America and not the lying communist influenced social misfits of ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER both are nothing but communist fronts, pretending to be something they are not. They are not for freedom, they are not for free speech, these people want to be and are trying to be the thought police of America. Two words for all of you. Bugger off.

Every politician who walked with these protestors holding ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter signs should be voted out of office if they can not discern they are backing anti-American communist people and organizations. How politically stupid does one have to be to follow the mob rule? This shows you they are incompetent or disloyal to the country.

You want to defund the police, I say let’s defund the politicians, the universities. Let’s defund the United Nations and all you communist loving youth who have fallen for the lies of the ANTIFA =Against Nations Truth Individuals Freedom America and Black Lives Matter should all move to Communist China where the “hive mind” rules with punishing dictatorial powers. In fact, if you were protesting in Communist China it is likely you would have been killed by the thousands. If you had been in Communist China and rioted and attacked the police and burned down buildings and looted you WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT. And if you survived and were caught you would be tortured and made into a slave or executed.  Have you ever even been outside of America? No, you have not.

And you poor little communist think you have it so bad, and injustice in America is so awful that every police officer is a pig. We were told this same lie’s in the sixties. Abby Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Angela Davis. Alternative media in cities around America portrayed the police as demons and the soldiers drafted and forced to go to Vietnam treated like trash when they came home. Yet you all still are free to protest. You are only asked to obey the law and protest peacefully. Yet your thought police have turned you into a mob of unwitting fools.

Yet those of us who grew up hearing and falling for the lies of these communist traitors with the Tune In Turn On Drop Out mantra was offering a social utopian lie. Just like we are hearing today from AOC, and all the other voices of ignorance, shouting “Defund the Police.” We will not allow America to fall any further into the hands of dogs and swine. They have cast their pearls before swine and they have thrown what is holy to the dogs. Freedom is a holy thing. These modern-day communists are little children with big heads and flowery ideas of power and unity of the “hive-mind.” Though the riots and destruction of property, the injuries of both sides and the deaths of both sides is horrible, law and order must be maintained or we will lose America.

There are plenty of bad cops, but the overwhelming majority are honest police officers. There are plenty of cops with bad attitudes, yet the overwhelming majority are no different than your father or brother or sister or uncle and mother or neighbor. We live with these officers of the law when they are off duty do you see them bothering people getting in trouble no more so that you or I.

The problem is the system is rigged by the political decisions that force people into situations where they feel trapped and hopeless by being charged with crimes that are simply passed by politicians to bring in revenue to the states. Criminal justice should not be private and it should not be profitable for the counties, cities, and towns or the states. It should not be a business made to bring in revenue by passing laws that entrap people into money debt or allow the police to confiscate the property of people not even convicted. Or convicted of crimes that have nothing to do with their property.

Prisons are for people who society has said and demands they pay for something they did. Debt has been incurred, but not a financial debt but a moral deft. A moral debt that must be paid by being isolated from society and offered the opportunity to reflect and change.  But now prisons are refugee camps between crimes defendants are found guilty of as they are caught and sent back over and over.  And the system continues to reap in the profits by adding charges upon charges to the to force people into submission, instead of rendering justice. The politically elected officials are the problem, not the police. But today with the liberal hive mind they want to lock up the police and let the criminals out. Politicians pass the laws the police enforce why do you not call out the politicians? Ah, you gotta love the ability of people to turn truth into a lie and a lie into the truth. Hendrich Himmler of the NAZI SS said something to that effect. The elected officials like Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, AOC, O’mar these are the problem. As well as State officials like the clown guv nut of VA who would murder babies while the woman is in labor. That is pure evil. And these are the people who are voting over and over into the office. Let’s defund their pay, their benefits, their health care, and all their perks. Defund the Congress, it is filled with corrupt backing stabbing communist liars.

PMP armed citizens who back the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, all of them. That means we follow the law. If we get arrested we will defend ourselves in a court of law. Not by attacking officers of the law who would come to my defense if I was being attacked or assaulted. Most officers of the law no matter if its a man or woman, court clerk, corrections officer, or officer patrolling the beats are no different than you and me.

Cops Live’s Matter too.


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