Is America Turning Communist?

You hear the political leaders, you hear the talking head news media, you hear the educated and influential people talking like a communist, walking like a communist, acting like communists, they all must be turning communist.

Could it be true? Mayor and Governors locking down people and arresting people who do not obey their edicts. Or people who think every word they hear in the news is the truth when in fact nearly everything the mockingbird CIA talking heads news media spew is a lie. These talking heads stoke fear, outrage, anger, resentment, prejudice, bigotry, and hatred. In fact, you are hard-pressed to find honest journalism, its all opinion or feelings based, facts don’t matter. Can we stir the people up? And the people are stirred up.

Nancy Pelosi with her impeachment sham trying to steal the power of the presidency. Joe Biden has been a political failure since the age of 28 when he entered Congress and has lined his pockets with inside deals for years. To have Joe Biden as president he is so incompetent he would probably hit the nuclear button thinking it was room service.

But US Colleges are the real problem, teaching women’s studies, gender studies, “studies” about learning how to hate, how to be intolerant, allow to shut down voices they don’t like. In other words, these colleges are teaching Marxist communist ideology instead of democracy and freedom. Why are we allow these schools to teach Anti American theology and why are we not taking the “educators” to task for their communist teachings? Social Justice is taught as an obligation of the thought police. Our way or the highway the little communist traitors say.  No voice that disagrees with us will be tolerated. These students are taught hate and not educated. All the “Studies Programs” should be abolished immediately and all the faculty fired. For they too are little communist traitors to freedom and democracy.

Article IV Section 4 Guaranteed Protection Under the US Constitution.

“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion: and on the application of the legislature, or of the executive, when the legislature cannot be convened, against domestic violence.”

Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist, ANTIFA domestic terrorist the two groups are the political communist democrat weapon of choice to overthrow America with domestic violence.

Mitt Romney walks with protestors in support of BLM is Mitt now a communist? Elizabeth Warren is a communist and anyone with the ability to think,  knows it and she proudly walks with them to show her support of communist Black Lives Matter. She’s got a plan I’m sure. To destroy freedom in America. Instill women as the voices of power and put men down. Should we meekly bow to those who say we are white privileged, bullies who demand we obey them now? White privilege is a communist sysop to destroy the reality of God. Soon it will be Asian privilege and then Hispanic privilege and in the end, even black privilege will be attached as the communist head devours the communist tail. Pawns in the game of power BLM chase the reality of lies told them by the Black Communist Thought Leaders  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, like the ACLU, NAACP, Democrat politicians, and republicans are deceitful leaders lying to a race of people calling them victims. Are all blacks victims? Not only the ones who fall for and believe these lies told by BLM, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and on the white communist who promoted the black victimhood mentality for decades and destroyed a race with lies and deceit. How many beautiful black babies have been murdered in the womb? What do ANTIFA and BLM want? Power and Control, Communist vice grip control on the nation’s voice and its thoughts and actions.

They hate God and they hate Jesus Christ and they hate anyone or anything that does not bow to their idealogy of a new fascist transgender society where sexual perversion is celebrated and not criticized.

Pray for these people for God is watching them and as they move forward will the whole nation fall in line with the new Tyrants of thuggery as they destroy the nation we all live in and as the nation crumbles as the sexual deviates take control?  Communism is rearing its ugly head and the fight for freedom has begun.

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