Political Officials Are an Embrassment to the U.S.A.

Defund the political leaders, recall the mayors, vote out the governors. Cut the salaries of all political and appointed officials and all bureaucrats 75% and you will see them leave government by the millions. Defund the Politicians. Put the rioters and looters in prison where they belong, with the democratic failure of leadership, along with rhino republicans who protest with communist ANTIFA & communist BLM. All are not worthy of the offices they hold.  VOTE THEM OUT.  Show the GAY, TRANS, BI, Communism we don’t want it here in America. Take Don Lemon and all the other mainstream media talking heads and charge them with deception and conspiracy to commit sedition. As they have purposely told lies for years to the American people, these people are working against the Nation, the constitution, the bill of rights and even our right to speak our minds, These cry babies who pull down statues think this is a great political statement, it makes you look, petty tyrants. Typical communist our way or the highway. Well, we the American citizen’s will be waiting at the end of the highway locked and loaded. Freedom will live with the gun owners of America no matter what any political party does.

And never forget communist Antifa and BLM we stand with the law-abiding police and national guard and the military. Let the political leaders side with the communist and they will find themselves where they belong unemployed. Like the mayor’s who are racist bigots and pretend they are not. Communist mayors all across our country need to be voted out if not recalled immediately. Joe Biden is saying the military will escort President Trump out of the White House. The American penal system has a place for your corrupt ass Joe Biden, its call prison where you being for selling out America. You little communist traitor. You are one of the biggest embarrassment’s in American political history along with your Muslim Brotherhood daddy, Barrack Obama another communist traitor. You should have been arrested and thrown in prison years ago. Along with the elected official lining their pockets off the American people.

People claim we have white privilege in America. Is there any white privilege in Africa? So if you hate America feel free to move to black privileged Africa. No one in America will stop you from leaving. But we will not let you turn American into a pussy farm of females who think they and all the gay, bi, trans, pedophile, bestiality friends turn America into a country that celebrates sexual perversion as if it is normal to engage in such activity.  If you are sexually normal they want to break that down so you do not think that homosexuality is abnormal. That changing from a woman into a man is normal behavior. This is how mentally ill these people really are. Mental illness is being celebrated as the new normal for these people.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party, backing law and order, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

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