For All The People Who Hate GOD

There is only one message for you. God loves you and waits for you to understand your mistakes and repent. And speak to Jesus Christ to forgive you for those mistakes you have made. We have all made mistakes and you are no different for all the rest of us. All the people who are atheists, for all those who stand on the fence and cannot make up your mind. To all those who live in doubt of God now is the time to look around you and make up your mind. God loves all human beings, yet God hates the sin we all commit.

All of us no matter our race, our beliefs, our sexuality all of us under the judgment of God. Yet the Lord Jesus Christ came so that love would prevail as he sacrificed himself show us that all of us can dwell in the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has said it is now time to show love to all humanity. Yet wicked people do not want to hear the word of God. They surely do not wish to bow a knee to Jesus Christ and repent. There is only one person to every bow down to and that would be the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone bows to God who believes in love.

Rebellion by nature is a sin against God. So when you tattoo your body it is sin. Yet people think that is stupid today. Adultery is sin, yet people today act like its just a lifestyle choice and do not see the act as a sin against God. Homosexuality is an abomination to God, yet today masses of people celebrate gay pride. Tran sexuality is perhaps the greatest sin of all since you are changing the image of God into your own self-image.

The world is following the path God has laid out and no matter how many fortune tellers, tarot readers, spirits you call or reading your daily astrology chart are all a waste of time. The future is not determined by anything but your own choices. Your own decisions are the ones that matter to God. Not what your family thinks, not what your teachers think, not what your friends think, but what you think. Is God in your life or it is just new age spirituality like yoga? What does the Lord Jesus Christ have to do with yoga? Nothing.

And woe into those who speak to demons, those who have alien creatures visit them and those people in this world who worship Satan himself. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on all the people who have been fooled. Now is the time to understand the world is changing just as the Lord Jesus Christ told John it would. With each new invention, the steps draw closer to the rise of great evil upon the earth. The inventions are not evil but the intended use of them is evil. Are you laughing already? Don’t, the plans of God are falling into place in the world around you.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the word of God, made manifest so that humanity could be saved from his own folly. As man brings the woe upon himself. How many people today would love to destroy people like me who speak out against all that is against God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The hatred of God is everywhere across the planet. Yet the way people act when they hear that the Lord Jesus Christ name used in a holy way they want to throw up.

But for all the people who hate God and the Lord Jesus Christ, the message is clear we love you and we tell you with honestly and forthrightness. Sin is death.  We die because of sin. What is sin? Anything that is against God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent is not a four-letter word it is a word of hope, it is a word of charity, it is a word of unity in love. Bow your knee to the Lord Jesus Christ and be forgiven for the gravest of sins.

But reprobate minds will not bend a knee and the violent take it by force. You see that today, people are bowing down for a man who was wrongly killed by police but they will not bow down to Jesus Christ. So violence is taking over the world. People are attacking anyone who dares disagree with them. People are taking everything as a personal assault on them when in reality they want to tell people what to think and how to think it. So they scream and shout and swear, create mayhem, burning, and looting and assaulting people and the next step will be murdering those who refuse to bow to the demands of the violent ones. Those who refuse to bow to their anti-God lifestyle and anti-God choices.

Matthew 11:12 “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Read your Bible as the reality of humanity is being revealed in our lives and in these times right now.

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