To Get a Democrat President Elected!

American’s you tax money is supporting lies, deception, fear, and inept political leaders and a media that does nothing but lie to the populace. Your government supports corporations that steal your voice in what is supposed to be neutral platforms, Twitter, Go-Oogle, Facebook, youtube, which all sound more like political voices of communist lovers. I would not be surprised if they are backed by the CCP since they seem to censor anyone who speaks against the Wuhan Virus, Using this phrase is considered racist, by communists. Don’t blame the communist for anything because everything they do is for the people. BS. Just like our political leaders who tell people that if you go out and eat, wear a mask to the restaurant, wear it till you sit down, and then you can take it off and eat and walk out a different door than you came in? STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, Gina Raimondo. Where Forest stumbled into things, this is Gina’s Plan, as she says. But this is the real play they take your tax dollars and live off your tax dollars and tell you how to live your life without a job, no income, going broke. Tell you to wear your mask it’s required. REALLY, Freedom does not exist anymore? Who are these people who live off our tax dollars and do everything in their power to destroy our lives, our business, our freedom, and our civil liberties? All the while pretending it is for our good. BS. It is to get a Democrat elected into the presidency of the US. Gina is a Democrat so she is playing along with the party line, keep the business closed to down is a ploy to keep Donald Trump from a second term. See how little they really care about you. If you think Gina is doing this for you then you have been fooled. And the CDC is playing right along. Look it up for yourself. Try to think instead of always listening to what you are told. The CDC is not doing America any favors by telling doctors to claim the virus killed everyone they can. Gina is lying to your face.****

Is it time to stop paying your taxes? Defund the Government if you wish to defund the police. Is it time for the PMP, Patriot Militia Party, to defend America’s freedom from the political communist traitors? YES. Now is the time. Time to stop paying city taxes if they want to defund your police, stop paying state taxes if they want to force you to wear a mask all the time because they live in a world of hate and fear. Stealing your freedoms because of the fear of the mob. You are paying to have these people destroy your lives. Gina marches with communist groups like “black lives matter” without her mask and dares tell us we need to wear a mask, what a hypocrite. Are we are still paying her salary? Yes, even as she betrays us and demands we behave like good like slaves to her demands. Is she the “Queen of Hearts?”

DEFUND The Government, Then we can see who will be in control. Communist liberals like Nancy Pelosi and BLM leaders and ANTIFA and AOC or American Liberty loving Patriots. Like General Flynn, like Sidney Powell, like Rudy Giuliani and Donald J. Trump and you and me and millions of others of all races, creeds, and beliefs. We may not believe all the same things be we all agree on two things. Protecting our families and our freedom at any cost. That means at any cost literally, having to die or having to kill literally at any cost we will defend our freedom as a nation. Organize now to defend America. PMP, Patriot Militia Party.

Sure, sure, I know there is corruption everywhere and I agree 100%, but freedom lives in the hearts and minds of true patriots and corruption plays no part in their lives. PMP, Patriot Militia Party it is time to create a national militia connected with every state. Well-armed, registered to vote, and willing to defend the Constitution of the US and the Bill of rights. First and foremost we are a well-organized militia. Secondly but possibly more important is we are a voting block, unified to vote for candidates who support our views. Which is basically the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Law and Order, and the Republic as it has stood for the last two hundred years, good and bad.

These people who want to tear down monuments are children being lead around by the nose doing just want the communist ideology and leaders want them to do. Why is George Soros receiving US Taxpayer dollars? Why is a virus being treated like its the end of the world when it is attacking a very specific group of people, sickly and elderly in almost all cases. Um, sick people are dying, um, elderly people are dying. That seems like it happens all the time year after year from the flu, doesn’t it? So why are businesses shut down? Why was there a corona virus outbreak “training” scenario run in the fall of 2019 and suddenly in early 2020 there is a corona virus outbreak? Just as in 9/11 there were “NORAD” training exercises going on on the day of 9/11 of planes attacking sites in America. True or Not? Look for yourself and find out.

Training scenarios seem to equal future events.  Their plans are in place now they are saying masks should be required everywhere, childlike behavior for little puppets dancing to their masters’ strings. Seig Heil Gina, Seig Heil Nancy, Seig Heil, Adam Schiff, Seig Heil Jim Langevin, Seig Heil Sheldon Whitehouse. All hail the dancing puppets who believe they are real. Just like the members of the Chinese Communist Party who all dance to their master’s strings.

Why are the political people always in on the new business deals they pass laws to legalize. Gina’s husband is one of the first in the cannabis business here in RI. Ripping off the people with prices 3 times street values and they always use the same argument it’s safer. BS. You just want to force people to buy it from the monopoly that will make you wealthy, what a scam. De-fund the Government? IS IT TIME TO STOP PAYING FEDERAL & STATE TAXES? To the government puppets of wall street who hardly ever do anything good for the “people”, other than their friends and relatives who benefit the most just as we see in the vast majority of political puppets. Think The Biden Family, The Clinton Family, the Bush Family.

What is real is the silent voice of freedom-loving American’s. Black, Asian, Latino, and god forbid I say it even White people. You know us white privileged folks who’s freedom these people hate. Believe me, after they destroy the so-called “white privilege”, they will make up Asian privilege and it will be attacked, and then Latino privilege and then it will be attacked and then Black privilege will be attacked and the snake will have consumed itself as all “class revolutions” do. Unfortunately for the communist political leaders who say things like there is a limit to the 1st and 2nd Amendments in the Bill of Rights. The only limit really is how much will the people take before they stand up to these bullies and show them they will not obey their anti-American, anti-freedom agenda. The PMP will vote against all those who attempt to steal our rights and will defend the nation against their tyranny if they try to enforce gun confiscation in America. They want violence because they will use it as an excuse to confiscate guns in America. As a veteran I swore and oath to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, the domestic enemies are trying to steal this, the 2020 election with lies, and fraud. That truly shows you how much respect your political party has for you. Political cheaters are the lowest from of societal moral standards. They simply have no morals with no respect for anyone including you and themselves.

Matthew 11:12 
“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”***

Make no mistake these communists will commit violence as part of the ideology of control just as their distance relatives did in Fascist Italy and Fascist Spain, and in Nazi Germany where brown shirt thugs roamed the streets and attacked anyone and anything opposed to their point of view. We saw their relatives in U.S.S.R. as the Russian nation succumbed to the hive mind of communist mobs. And in China, the great Chairman Mao murdered millions of freedom-loving Chinese and those who could fled went to Taiwan, the last bastion of Chinese freedom in the world.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party stands with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with Law Enforcement, with the Military. However, we are against the corrupt judicial system that holds conviction rates above the truth. Where US District Attorney’s cannot be held liable for their corruption, lying and misleading of the people to please guilty. Our judicial system is out of control that is evident from the Flynn case, where the FBI lied and accused the General of lying, where the Judge decided to prosecute General Flynn without the backing of the US prosecutors this is an assault on your liberty, as the judge tries to prosecute and judge. That is not his job. He has betrayed his oath and has failed America. So to the appeals judge who voted yes to this, that judge too failed America. 2-1 against, so 3 voted yes to allow this outrage against the rule of law. Both of these judges should step down immediately. Emmett Sullivan is a threat to all people who will now go before his biased court who has an opinion he does not like. He is no longer fit to serve in the US Judicial System.

De-fund the police is the chant but nothing about a rigged judiciary system that convicts at a highly improbable rate due to forced plea bargains. The police are not the problem it is the DA and the judiciary system of lying to people and scaring them into thinking they face 30 years in prison when the DA knows you are not guilty. So people plead guilty and are unjustly convicted without due process.

Yet the true problem is the Owners of the Central Banks of the World, our Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the IMF, the ECB, the Bank of England all of these Central banks are the real enemy of society. They are creating the greatest wealth separation in human history. The Rockefeller and the Vanderbilt those families of great wealth and unknown Royal Houses of Europe own the world via the central banks and the central banks are the world’s enemy for they are a lie and offer worthless paper and worthless coins as value when they have no value at all. And now the time is coming when they are going to say that our new digital currency has value. Really 0’s & 1’s on a computer screen have value! Digital images that are not actually real they will save have value?  Then shouldn’t we all be able to create our own currency? Why are only the “governments”, and central banks allowed to declare that fake money is real? Their cashless society is a pure system of slavery. You cannot hold your wealth outside of their “virtual”, fake digital currency because they will not allow you to. If you choose a cashless society you choose slavery for yourself and your family.

So it is all coming down to a time to choose, the fake world or the real world.*******

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