Places of Refuge

The Lord is alive, when he returns it will be to make war. There will be places of refuge in America. Places will be protected by the Lord against all the enemies in North America. Those domestic and foreign invaders will not break the shield of God’s protection of his children by the Lord Jesus Christ. His son will come as the warrior king, he will hold his army for all the world of humans, demons, and transhumans to see. Those believers of the Lord Jesus Christ will bow before the true and living God and all the others will wail and nash their teeth, writhing in madness and pain in their unbelief.

The Lord Jesus Christ will not stand for the murder of children by the governments and organizations that murder for profit by butchering babies in the womb. This single thing brings tears to the eyes of the Lord and all the guilty will be held accountable. A mother’s womb is a place of refugee that the haters of the Lord Jesus Christ have chosen to invade. The mother’s womb warm and safe invaded by cold metallic metal that rips the limbs from the body, that crushes the head of the baby in the womb, MURDERED by us. We are accountable. We allowed the haters to gain power, we allowed the haters to scream us into submission. “It’s My Body”, the women said. So they could murder their baby. Yet the baby is not your body, it is a separate being. living safely in the womb you destroyed. We destroyed. We are accountable.

There will be places the Lord will have for refuge as all the other places of refuge will be invaded and destroyed. The God of Abraham, Isaacs, and Jacob, the Lord Jesus Christ will raise his mighty banner and his army will rise. That army is not you and I but the Light of truth. Not relative truth, which is nothing more than a confusion of words.

The war has begun, the wolves are at the door. The foul and the wretched are in power and seeking more power over your life, even the power to steal your soul. Do what we say, or else. This is the mantra of our new society.  But God does not say that he says choose your path. Choose between the words and world of society or choose the word and the world of creation. People really do fail to understand the “Word of God” is Jesus Christ and those who chose to believe have the “Word of God” its power manifest in each of those people who have made this one step. Believe Jesus Christ. Thus you believe God and the power of belief is to live with the power of God, the Lord Jesus Christ growing within you. Not like a blind cult. A clear awakening to the reality of your existence. People say truth is relative, but that is nothing more than an excuse for people not to be accountable for their behavior.

“Give us what we want or we will burn this system down.” BLM leader is quoted as saying on FoxNews interview.  Beautiful young women are walking around in t-shirts one that read “Satan said,  swallow.”  A direct reference to oral sex and satanism. A young man is walking around with a t-shirt that reads something like “Come again Jesus and we will kill you again.”  Their hatred of Jesus Christ is visceral, their hatred of you is the same.

So the war has begun. It is not a race war between black and white, it is not a class war between the rich and poor. No, it is nonbelievers against believers. Those who hate Jesus Christ and those who love the Lord. Those who believe “I AM” and those who scuff and mock and laugh at the very idea that Jesus Christ can save people. Those who would commit violence for violence’s sake stand against Jesus Christ. And those who stand with their feet firmly planted in peace until their enemies attack them stand with the “Word of God.”

Many people think the end of the world is near or at least our civilization as we know it and that does appear correct. As you see the world worshiping anything but Jesus Christ. In fact to give honor and glory to the “Word of God.” is an insult to a world of reprobate minds.

The world worships itself and fails to see the confusion of its on self-worship.  Few churches preach the “Word of God.” Most preach a New Age doctrine of we all must get along.  Yet they refuse to allow the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. They allow homosexuals to preach from the pulpit profaning what is holy. Profane what is holy this is their goal for Jesus Christ and for you. Pray for your enemies for they will not repent.


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