Haters of Righteousness BLM =Black Liars Movement.

Joe Biden is a foolish old man. He is a puppet for the haters of righteousness, haters of truth, haters of facts, haters of everything that disagrees with them. BLM, ANTIFA but more importantly the rise of communist thought in the Democrat Party. Joe Biden quotes the communist mass murder Chairman Mao and thinks it’s all good or has no idea where that quote comes from. Now a candidate for the highest office in the land is quoting a mass-murdering communist, who wrote this speech? Seems communism is the new love of the ill-informed new generation of liberals, people who think morality is a personal choice not a standard set by God.

Every Democrat elected official that allows BLM to paint their streets allows violent protests are enemies of the people. These elected officials are the traitors to the people. Who would allow their citizens to be put in danger by mobs, oh democrats? Who would tell the police to stand down and not to prevent violent assaults, looting, and rioting, oh democrats? Across our country democrat elected officials are siding with communist and anarchist groups who threaten the very foundation of the republic.

The mainstream news outlets are mere shadows of their former glory as outlets for the truth to the American people. These news outlets have also joined with the communist to spread lies, false news, half-truths, all from anonymous sources never one quote unless it points to their narrative. Anonymous sources are just anonymous liars, you know like James Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer. These liars hate righteousness. They love power and glory and money they are of the George Soros mindset that if it benefits them to hell with the rest of the world.

We see that mindset all around us now. People are being murdered for saying “all lives matter”, the communist god haters kill with impunity without a moral compass, power at all cost.  The mainstream news tells us all the horrible things that are wrong with America, free speech, the right to bear arms, the freedom to worship as we choose. How working for someone and making a living is wrong and capitalism is the problem. Or to preach or say that the Lord Jesus Christ is the savior for all those who know and honor and love him for what he did for you and me and anyone who dares believe in the truth of the “Word of God.”

Democrat officials like Nancy Pelosi say nothing when American history is destroyed. She sits home in her fenced-in mansion eating her gourmet ice cream. She says “we are all God’s children.” But she forgot until God gave some of his children over to reprobate minds as they become God-haters and worshippers of evil. And you Nancy with your slanderous remarks, with your indifference to the city of San Francisco and its citizens, your indifference to righteousness and the rule of law has shown the world you to hate the Lord Jesus Christ, just like your pope.

The list of Democrats who could be added to the list is very long.  AOC, Ilhan O’ mar, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler. Nearly every democrat governor and the mayor and the city councils in those cities. Every one of these people seems to hate the truth and freedom and are embracing the communist or Muslim Brotherhood mentality of our way or else you will pay the price. Hive Mind communist thought community. Mob rule is just mob violence. BLM =Black Liars Movement, BLM is just a communist group of liars. They hate America, they hate white people and they hate God. They and the ANTIFA = Against Nations Truth Individuals Freedom America members are the haters of righteousness. They hate God, they hate Jesus, they hate you and they hate me. They hate straight people, they hate white people, in fact, they have nothing but hatred to offer to the world for the are nothing but liars who wish to destroy the moral fabric of a Judeo / Christain culture and bring in the worship of transgenderism, the Baphomet.


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