So Many Good People of All Races Are Being Lied To

A blindness that covers the eyes of the people in America who support BLM and ANTIFA who are lying to the population as a whole. These people are just brown shirt thugs ala NAZI German. Creating violence where ever they go. There is no love, no peace, no sense of order. Rebellion is their answer to anyone or anything that has authority. Rebel, hate, destroy, and the doctrine of reprobate minds, fools, and so many good people are being lied to by the communist and have been fooled into believing that they are brothers in arms.

So many wonderful black Americans are simply not in agreement with BLM and they are starting to see that it was the Democratic Party that wanted slavery. Northern Democrats supported Southern Democrats to keep slavery enforce. Check it for yourself. Democrats keep the black population down by forcing fathers out of homes, by not educating students in the standards of human literacy, you know reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Inner-city schools are fodder for new gang members in every black neighborhood in cities across America. So many God-fearing wonderful Black Americans are be called Uncle Toms because they dare to think for themselves and it just happens to agree with many conservative values. Law & Order, America, Capitalism, God. Yet these rebellious rioters, looters, violent reaping violence on innocent people burning the livelihood of many in the very community who they pretend to love and respect and are protesting for.

We heard these same arguments in the sixties. Yippies called the police Pigs, threatened many, and did not expect the police to respond with violence for violence. The Chicago Seven were the anarchist of their day, preaching the same lies they are telling the youth today. America is horrible and needs to come down. Foolish people yelling to tear down their own nation, their own freedom, their own well being. Same thing today, defund the police, so violent people can roam the streets and commit crimes with impunity. No thanks.

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