Perpetual Lies and Deception by the AMERICAN PRESS

Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Brian Selter, Chris Wallace, and most other major network news outlets appear to be the propaganda agents of God-hating communist globalist. People think the “protestors” are peaceful yet when riots and looting and violence break out at the “peaceful protest” the political fools in power and the American Mainstream Press lie to the public, they hide the truth in their mockingbird campaign of propaganda.  They have all bowed down to the communist/globalist/BLM/ANTIFA/Muslim Brotherhood/ our way or else “HIVE MIND.” You remember “the violent, take it by force.”  The lies told by nearly all mainstream news anchors are nothing more than propaganda opinion pieces. These people always quote anonymous sources, which is nothing more than a cover for the liars who don’t have the courage to speak the truth.

The propaganda of BLM is powerful and many people have been fooled by these communist Marxists. These people who hate God, they are fooling the American people and like blind men, they are following each other and falling into the ditch of the HIVE MIND. Major League Baseball Players are kneeling for the National Anthem in reverence to a career criminal who is the hero of the New American Communist Movement BLM and ANTIFA. The NFL and the NBA are all dancing to the puppet masters of communism.  Many of these news anchors and athletes will not kneel to God but they will kneel to the HIVE MIND of communist thought.

BLM is a brilliant propaganda tool because people take the comment at face value, and of course, it is true. But when they learn the truth of the Communist BLM slogan it means something entirely different than the innocent statement of black lives matter. Yet black lives don’t matter if you do not agree with BLACK LIVES MATTER the communist named organization. So the BLM is really just the Black Liars Movement.

Yet the actions of people bowing for BLM shows a much more troubling trend in America. Subservient to anything deemed “Social Justice”, the HIVE MIND demands all obey. So now you see MLB, NFL, NBA bowing to the HIVE MIND of communism because they have been fooled by the propaganda of the Main Stream pretending to be “News” outlets headed by the likes of Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Brian Selter, Chris Wallace and host of others. These news outlets are no longer news they are mockingbird propaganda of the globalist, communist, fascist, and every other foul form of rule by domination, with mob violence, of the HIVE MIND.

Portland has riots for 3 months and it is called a peaceful protest. “Peaceful Protesters” barricaded federal agents in US Federal building and attempt to burn it down. And still, the Main Stream Propaganda outlets say these are peaceful protests.  So please explain if they are peaceful why are they trying to burn down buildings with people inside? They have a right to vote change but these people choose the HIVE MIND of violence. “The violent take it by force.” People are bowing to violence, which is rebellion against God.  So the minds of the people are being overwhelmed by continual lies of the CNBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, and all the other national and local news outlets. Continual lies over the air and in the newspapers, like the NY Times which now too are just communist propaganda rags like The Daily Worker and now Report On World Affairs. The NY Times preaches its communist message daily. CNN, the Clowns News Network has three of the most offensive, rude and condescending anchors in the history of “FAKE NEWS”, um, I meant propaganda news. How much is CHINA spending on CNN? How much is the CIA paying the mockingbirds?

How long will the people “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” before they wake up? Will their country be gone as they knew it when they pull their heads out of the sand and look around. Who could ever think that Joe Biden could run a country? He is one of the least accomplished political hacks of all time after decades in office. All he has done is to enrich himself and his family and his friends. He is an embarrassment and anyone with half a brain who looks at his political record will see that is is nothing but a political hack. He has stated he wished they taught more about Islam in schools, but he does not want more about Christian and Jewish beliefs taught in schools. He quotes the Mass Chinese Murder Mao like he was a good guy, Only took the murdering of 40 million good honest, hard-working Chinese to complete his Cultural Revolution. Which was nothing more than the murdering anyone who disagreed with or protested against his mandates of absolute power and authority were imprisoned or murdered?  In other words, do what he says and the current leader of the CCP,  Xi is the same, a mass murderer.

AOC and Ilhan and Nancy and Schiff and Schumer and all the other progressive communist globalist have sold America to the CCP and Muslim Brotherhood, i.e. Iran. The democrats declare Russia is our enemy, our biggest threat, maybe but I do not think so. Let us believe the truth the CCP wants to rule the entire world in their model. Do what we say or you will suffer for not obeying, that is totalitarian. This is the mantra of BLM and ANTIFA and Nancy Pelosi and her “Progressives”, or communist is a better word for what the democrat party lead by Nancy and the bigots have become. They call everyone racist because that is exactly what they are. They hate white people. And white liberals are so foolish they cannot see they are destroying themselves. They are destroying the lives of every American with their fear of the truth that America is flawed in many ways, but even with all the flaws, it is still the nation that holds the banner of freedom high and refuses to allow it to die. So now in this world, we have “domestic enemies.”  People who are in plain sight betraying America and the banner of freedom we hold high.

Democrats are “domestic enemies” they don’t have comments about issues they only have “you’re a racist” or some other such slur. The democrat party is a failure for the people of America. Many Republicans as well but I do not see many republicans bowing to the communist BLM movement. But I see nearly all Democrat Majors, Governors, Congressmen, and Senators bowing. How long before the Supreme Court bows to BLM? If that were to happen it would be Civil War. In fact, I think that is exactly what the communist BLM / ANTIFA plan is and by creating as much confusion and chaos as possible many people will have a hard time seeing and understanding the truth of the communist insurrection by these “domestic enemies.”

God is alive and this is the only reason for the hatred and rebellion. They know God is real and as much as they deny, mock and curse and their vitriol hatred of you is the same they have for God, or should I say the “Word of God,” Jesus Christ. This is the battleground now being formed it the thoughts of the American people. Many Americans hate Donald J. Trump more than any other president in my lifetime. They seem to think that he is the embodiment of evil. Yet they seem blind to see that he loves freedom, he loves capitalism, he loves the rights of America we live in. Yet we hear from the opposing voice he is the worst human being that has ever been in the office of President of the United States.  Barrack Obama was nothing but a coward. No leadership skills, no courage, not belief in America. He may have been eloquent but eloquence is not actions and actions speak louder than words.  From what I have heard people from the black community Barrack Obama did less for Black Americans than this white man in office has already done and he will do more if allowed the second term. And with Latino Americans, Asian Americans, and all other ethnic American groups. George Bush tricked Sadam Hassan and took us to war. Clinton sold the country out to China and the rest of the world. George W. Bush lied and took us to war, which is still going on. And Barrack Obama lied about health care, Syria, Fast & Furious, IRS investigating citizens who disagree. Paying billions to Iran and signed us up for the Paris Accord. Letting Americans pay for the rest of the world’s pollution problems.

Yet President Trump has not forced anyone to buy health care or be taxed by the IRS. An illegal mandate of the Democrat party that was overturned by the courts. Barrack and Biden gave billions of dollars in cash to Iran. I wonder who the Iran spokesmen who said they would reveal the names of the people taking kickbacks and bribes to make the deal happen were? Who got paid what? Why did Obama/Biden investigate tax-exempt organizations that were political against them? Why were people who backed the tea party investigated? What happened in fast n furious operation. Why was Obama Care rammed down the throats of the American people and the politicians of the democrat party voted yes to a 2000 page law that few if anyone read that placed a huge burden on the American people to have health coverage? Why did Joe Biden get the prosecutor fired in Ukraine when his son worked for the company the man was investigating. Why is Joe Biden even considered a viable Democrat candidate when he has shown for decades he is totally a political hack, ineffective for the most part and biased in all ways. He says he wishes Trump to speak differently in the meantime he calls him a “racist” the fallback option of the Democrat hive mind. Everyone one’s racist if you don’t agree with the democrat hive mind. Now Joe Biden declares “the police are the enemy of the people”, this incompetent old fool is the enemy of the people by his mere incompetence. If any president could be put out office Under Article 25 for mere incompetence and mental capacity I suspect it will be Joe Biden.

Americans your freedom is at risk for the CCP communist party lead by Xi, as well as the domestic enemies of mainstream newspapers, NFL, MLB, NBA, Corporations, democrat city councils, democrat major, democrat legislature and democrat governors acting like the tyrants they wish to be over your life.

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