Godless Twitter, Godless Facebook, Godless Youtube, Godless Google

These four organizations of the apocalypse are God Haters. Their censorship of American conservatives and any who disagrees with these bigoted communist organizations are censored by their social justice warrior lunatics who are denying the American public scientific information that denies people the right to know the truth. Who are these corporations who are betraying the HUMAN RACE by denying the truth to be revealed about HCQ, Zinc, and Z pack? Why would these organizations censor medical information from doctors who are working on the front lines with patients giving information that will help save lives? UM!

Is the virus really the communist control that is being exerted by these Godless corporations? Is the virus really just a deception to control you and destroy your civil rights, your civil liberties, your freedom? Many people are telling lies in the news, as well as the politicians, the city councils, these people are all still getting a salary while they destroy the vast majority of business in America. Why are we paying taxes if they are not going to do their job? They are not helping with their idiot ideas of public safety.

It is obvious the “virus” is real. What is also very obvious is the severity of it for most people is not so much worse than seasonal flu. But like so many other bacteria, virus’, they attack the old, the weak, the infirmed, those who have a chronic illness. Can we save them all? No. But how can doctors do their job when social media social justice lunatics censor the truth? Are the corporations betraying the HUMAN RACE? It would seem so. We heard Dr. Brix say just a few days ago there is no proof HCQ works. But your Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci vaccine will work? Um! So instead of using drugs we have, we must wait on the vaccine?

Do you hear the reality of this Godless idealogy? Let’s not allow a word to get out that something might cure people of the Wuhan,  China C-19 virus right now. How cruel are these people? Their hatred of humanity is mind-boggling. Or is more going on? Why do people not want information about established medicines that cure the C-19 virus getting out to the public? UM!

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