Crashing Your Faith Against A Wall of Ignorance

Why are people preaching a prosperity gospel? Is it because they desire wealth over the love of God? Is the prosperity gospel a deception? Do giant Mega Churches truly follow the Gospel message of the Lord / King/ Judge/ Savior Jesus Christ or does it scare them? Is the idea that they must sell all that they have and give it to the poor a scary thought to them and they believe they can become so wealthy they can pay their way to the righteousness of Jesus Christ. They wish to buy entrance into the Kingdom of God with their great prosperity. This light of the prosperity gospel is deception, lies, half-truths, and falsehoods and darkness. To preach prosperity is the thing God wants you to have is an outright lie. God wants you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and to believe in him. God wants you to repent and be born again in the “Word of God,” Jesus Christ.

Prosperity Gospel preaches wealth, wealth, wealth, but I have not heard many words of charity, charity, charity. Million-dollar homes with million dollars planes all to fool the people who do not read the Word of God but depend on men to interpret it. How many churches are telling the people to listen to the church leaders and not to God? How many are telling the people that repentance and forgiveness of sin is the greatest wealth you will ever have. How many are preaching against homosexuality, transsexuality, or the communist class war we are engaged in now throughout America.

Is a prosperity gospel a gospel of faith? Is it a gospel that will lead you to the repentance required to walk with God. On a warm summer evening with a cool breeze blowing over the land of God’s creation. Does the prosperity gospel lead you to believe in Jesus Christ? Does the prosperity gospel raise up the Gospel of God? Where did the Lord say you can buy your way into heaven?

Life is not about the pursuit of wealth. Life is about the pursuit of love. Yet few people seem to understand that God is Love. God is not interested in a prosperity gospel of
“churches” that are more interested in making money than praising God. If the church leaders are more interested in fast cars, luxury homes, and planes than the “Word of God”, Jesus and his message of forgiveness perhaps they are not working for God but for themselves and using God with false pretense to gain earthly wealth.

How many are reading this and saying I don’t need to repent because I have done nothing wrong? Yet daily we all do something wrong in the world of righteousness, the world of “I AM.” Jehovah, Alpha & Omega, and you will not bow to Jehovah but you will bow to mammon, money, wealth, prosperity. This is your god, this is the alter you bow to turning Gods business into a profit-making business. Is the prosperity gospel about making money as the source of light in your life? Is not Jesus Christ suppose to be your light?

In Matthew 25 we read about those who would work and make a profit of the Lord’s word. Yet many prosperity preachers are like the servant with one talent who hid it for fear of losing it. Yet he did not seem to realize that God wanted him to prosper for GOD, not himself. He wanted him to be a steward of the money and make it grow but he hid it in fear. Now, these prosperity gospel preachers are hiding the treasure that Jesus has for us, the prosperity gospel has hidden the truth in the profit margins of their own pockets instead of being the stewards of God’s Money, Silver, and Gold.

The truth lies in the Word of God, not any prosperity gospel. That is just confusion and delusion. Truth is in the Word of God. He wants you to be rich with the spirit of the Holy Ghost, rich with the spirit of Love for Him and his only begotten son. Rich with a fever for the love of truth, the Word of God, the Bible. Yes, the Bible.

The prosperity of God is believing, trusting, and knowing whom you have believed. And when you have your prosperity will be in your drawing nearer to the Jesus Christ, drawing nearer to the Holy Ghost, drawing nearer to our Father, Jehovah. Now that is a prosperity of untold riches that we as human beings can barely even begin to understand how rich we have and will become if only you will dare to trust Jesus Christ the greatest wealth of all. If you know whom you have believed. Jehovah, praise his holy name.

Read Your Bible: For Truth Is In The Word Of God.

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