Cowards of Professional Sports bow to BLM

Bowing down to BLM is being a traitor to AMERICA, why don’t you lying BLM members try freedom. We will not bow to BLM. All sports teams who kneel are cowards. Their owners are cowards, their managements are cowards, and their coaches and their players are all cowards. You don’t have the courage to bow to God but you are so cowardly you will bow to a bunch of violent criminal communists.  What a bunch of cowards. And these corporations giving millions to BLM, George Soros giving money to ANTIFA and now the Sunrise Movement supported by millionaires. These are people who are filled with hate. George Soros is a hated filled individual who has no respect for human life. Does he care how many lives are destroyed by his actions? No, he stated publicly many years ago. These foolish street thugs who are getting paid to be violent are the biggest fools of all because they are taking all the risk while the rich and powerful use them like the puppets they are. Dance little ANTIFA, Dance little BLM. Dance to the puppet master’s strings.

If you kneel to BLM you are all cowards. God-hating cowards. Thanks for betraying the freedom we enjoy in America, traitors. BLM is nothing but thieves who use violence to steal the wealth of individuals and the nation. Now the communist UNITED NATIONS wants to instill their communist power over America with their Agenda 2030. People and Governments all of the world are rejecting logic, they are rejecting peace, they are rejecting freedom, they are rejecting love, they are rejecting God.

They are demanding we reject all that we believe in and accept the lies of BLM and ANTIFA and all other God-hating ideology of homosexuality and transsexuality. Reject God they are demanding. We will not.

The cowards of professional sports have all rejected God and have been given a great delusion as their minds become reprobate.  These little cowards live off the very money that free Americans have paid to see. BUT NO MORE. REJECT ALL PROFESSIONAL SPORTS THAT KNEEL TO THE COWARDS OF BLM.

And if college sports follow this plan all college sports should be rejected. In fact, reject all mainstream media, reject the political leaders who accept BLM.
BLM is the biggest communist lie in the history of communist attacks on the USA. We had the hippy movements that pushed the very ideas of communism. The Weather Underground became the communist terrorist movement of the ’60s, today’s version is ANTIFA. Also, the Black Panthers started out to protect the black community and evolved into another BLM terrorist movement.

So the sports teams and the capitalist corporations are supporting a communist Marxist movement that worships anything that is considered abnormal. They are ANTICHRIST hive minds of brainwashed drones who do as they are “paid” to do by these people like George Soros and other millionaires who worship SATAN. They may not say it out loud but judge not by the words but by the actions they take.

And now the public school teachers have shown their hand as the enemies of AMERICA. It is time to fire all the public teachers and administrators who hate America and support BLM. Our colleges are fermenting hatred of freedom, hatred of capitalism, hatred of free speech, hatred of whites, hatred of the right to bear arms. The hatred of America.

Those teachers who support the communist BLM should be fired. The administrators who support BLM should be fired.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party is is time to organize and defend and attack the enemies of America who bow to  BLM. Call out these cowards by simply not spending your money on their clothing, not attending their events, not giving them any support at all. Same with Teachers Unions, break up the Teachers Union. Defund the SPLC, ACLU, defund the United Nations. Kick this communist organization out of America.

This judge who has refused to dismiss charges against General Flynn should be indicted, arrested, tried, and if convicted sent to prison where he belongs along with the Mueller prosecutors.

Black Liars Movement have launched their attacks, time for the PMP to strike back.


PMP, well-armed, registered to vote, feet firmly planted in peace. Standing with our police and military, standing with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


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