Hold Out Your Hand To Jesus Christ for Reality is in His Hands.

Before the time of humanity began “I AM” has existed. His voice spoke and with words of creation. Our reality was formed. There is no time that is not controlled by the Lord Jehovah. Jesus Christ is the clock of time in the creation and the power of the universe. God has set the clock to strike at his chosen moment and we wait, looking for that chosen moment.

But many of God’s children are worshipping the pagan faith of Babylon. Confusion reigns in their minds as they are told the lies of the whore of Babylon. Who holds out to them the golden cup of abominations and the filthiness of fornication, like the pagan religions of old.

The church of Babylon is alive and well and leading the flock of the Lord Jesus Christ away from his narrow way. Jesus is forgiving while the preachers and pastors and priests are judgemental. Jesus does not call you to judge you, he calls you to repent of the things you have done wrong, judge yourself. Stop doing the things you are doing wrong. Forgiveness his in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ, not your priest.

The wickedness of the current church system is built on many different foundations. Few preach that Jesus Christ is “I AM.”  Fewer still preach repent. Because human beings want to believe in what they are told by men. They want to believe in the rituals, and images, and false teachings of the cup of abominations. What exactly are you drinking the blood and eating the body of ?. Of confusion! Pagan rituals for thousands of years were created by men who walk in the confusion about the reality of God and Jesus Christ.

Telling you to do exactly what God told you not to do, yet by rituals of men you bow down in worship to idols that do not speak and cannot see or hear. Are you confused?

There is no bowing to idols for those who believe God. There is no confusion about the lies and deceptions of the false church upon the minds of mankind. We do not need to see Jesus to believe him. Jesus said if you reach out to him, he will come to you.  We must stand united in the “Word of God.”

As the world changes so to will the world order. As wars take its toll, so to famine and plagues will kill many. Africa is wrought with famines endlessly. But still, God has stayed his hand. But there is one thing God is quickly becoming very angry at. Abortion is an abomination. Millions have been murdered in abortion factories around the world. God is staying his had for just a little longer for his people to come to repentance.

Now is the time to create the body of Christ unified in the belief in his truth. Now is the time to come out of these churches that are preaching the false doctrines of antichrist. Those who have idols and images and rituals of pagan Babylon.

Jesus does not need your rituals you need him.  He does not need your money but the poor and hungry do. He does not need your buildings and tax exemption by the state. He needs nothing from you but you need to listen and understand and believe his word instead of the words of men. Or the rituals of men. Or the images and idols of men. Because you need him.

What are men compared to God? Dust! Now is the time for the body of Christ to walk away from Babylon. You can pray and worship Jesus anywhere you want to. You do not need to go into a church building to reach God. His heart is open to your repentance anywhere. Hold out your hand to Jesus Christ and he will lead you to the truth. He will lead you down that narrow way to righteousness. Trust what the Lord Jesus has taught. Trust him and believe he is the only truth.

For years I have attacked God’s enemies with words. Now is the time to tell God’s children that as the world changes and the “New World Order” is installed, there will be a coming out of the very evil spoken of in the Bible. This evil is growing rapidly right now. President Donald Trump is doing all in his power to fight this “New World Cancer” growing across the globe. As the trade wars turn into shooting wars this is the moment in time when the New World Order will be installed with many civil rights and liberties being eliminated. Freedom will be to do as you are told or you will not live in their society. Literally. “No man may buy or sell without the mark of the beast.” Religious worship of pagan faith has grown so big the number of people who are pagans is more than the believers in God. They make idols of wood and stone and plaster and silver and gold and all manner of material and they bow down to idols that cannot hear, cannot speak, cannot see. Yet you pretend they have power. They have nothing but false teachings and confusion as their lessons to learn. Confusion, Babylon, pagan worship. Jesus calls you all to come to his church of righteousness. Churches that are afraid to lose their tax-exempt status are merely state churches who will not preach against the wickedness of society but they try to create new theologies of Prosperity Gospel or some other message instead of the “Everlasting Gospel.” Believe God, Trust God, Repent, as all of us can. For Jesus is the Everlasting Gospel and he paid the price for our mistakes if we will dare to believe and repent.

Read Your Bible:



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