Injustice In A Land of Justice!

People are rioting, looting across America, and once arrested the District Attorney’s are dropping all charges! So now people can rob, loot and destroy property, create mayhem and murder and the DA’s are not going to prosecute the guilty? Criminal Justice reform working in reverse. Giving a get out of jail free card for malicious and violent mobs. We have seen the video released by the Chicago Police of the organized violent communist joining the “peaceful” protesters via stealth and moving the mob towards violence. Organized anarchy is the end result and the DA’s across the country a letting these people who have committed criminal acts out of jail.

Oh, the irony, and we have a rouge judge in the General Flynn case who is ignoring all legal protocol he took as an oath to uphold in his office. How is this judge not removed for contempt by a higher court? Why are the charges still not thrown out? Injustice is at work through the judge and the judicial system trying to put people in jail who were framed.

Why, because we live in a land of injustice that pretends its a land of justice. If you are rich you can buy your way out of nearly anything. If you are poor you are bullied and threatened and persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Or the DA’s may just cheat by not bringing up information that clears the suspect and they have no problem framing an innocent person. And the injustice is the DA’s are immune from a punishment that convicts innocent people. It should be allowed to sue District Attorneys for personal damages. And charged with crimes for not revealing evidence that proves the person is not guilty. Lawyers get to sit and think and plan.

The police should not be liable except in extreme cases because they are usually in a dangerous situation and have to react in a split second. They are not sitting around pondering their next move.  They give lawful commands and citizens are duty-bound to obey. That is what keeps the majority safe.

It is the District Attorney’s that truly need to be reformed. And many of the judges as well. Partisan affiliations are effecting the judgment of DA’s and Judges in our judicial system and it has created a major conflict of justice between the rich and the poor, the connected, and the average person. Reform the DA’s offices and the Judges and maybe a fairer system of justice might prevail.

Non-violent protesting is the core of American values. Yet rioting and looting are the core values of communist.  Living in peace together with different ideas is a core value of America. Yet we live in a world where these liberal/progressives communist political leaders in both parties are going along with ANTIFA and BLM. US Congress members get up and walk and when asked to condemn rioting and looting in American cities without any response at all. Quitely without speaking she agrees with ANTIFA and BLM.

How much longer are the criminal political hacks, who are backed by the wealthiest people on the earth going to be allowed to continue to destroy our lives?

We must have the courage to stand up against the hive mind of politics and the wealthy who are backing the likes of ANTIFA  and BLM for their own gain. No matter if it is out of fear or simply agreeing with the idealogy of communism or fascism or socialism or nazism, these people are either cowards or traitors.

Now we have the people who are pushing to vaccinate everyone in America against something they deem a threat to the world. As if they are gods. We are hearing lawyers so you can be forced vaccinated. Well, they may force some people.  Who is Dr. Fauci? Is he a god? Is Dr. Brix a goddess? How much money do they stand to make if the vaccines are approved? Why are these two people even allowed to speak since neither has treated any patients and both continue to spew the lie that currently available drugs are dangerous and they cannot be used? Yet the DOCTORS seeing patients who have the China Virus, Covid-19 are seeing excellent results with HQC. Which costs less than a dollar per tablet.

Beyond all that what does the vaccine actually contain? mercury, baby fetal body cells. If every person in America is expected to take the vaccines is this, not a problem with what we all call “Civil Liberties?” Dr. Fauci is proposing taking away civil liberties. By what right does one man have the power to spew such nonsense and expected to be taken seriously. Our governors are doing the same thing all in the name of the great lie about the virus and forcing everyone to take a vaccine. This is criminal and all of these people should be held accountable for every single case that incurs death from their vaccine or “lockdown” orders.

People are starting to realize it is a virus that attacks the old, the weak. Just like the flu. Yet it may be more contagious but to lock down the world is more than just a virus, there is a different motive and that is to gain complete and total control over your lives. The communist hive mind is covering the minds of millions and there are people in power who are going along with this communist thrust to take over America.

This is the greatest con in American History. Stealing your liberties without a shot being fired.

#PMP Patriot Militia Party

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