Stealing Elections, Stealing Wealth, Stealing Freedom, Stealing America

Why would anyone want mail-in elections except to commit fraud to steal an election! If it is safe enough for people to protest in great numbers and to go spend and hour each week in the grocery store why can they not stand in line and hour to vote in person? Democrats want a mail-in ballot so they can steal this election because people like Stacy Abrams “thinking themselves wise they became fools”* and that is what mail is voting is about.

Inequality in America is not caused by racism or bigotry. Inequality in America is caused by the Federal Reserve Banking System and the Cartel Banks, like Bank of America, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and all the other giant banks. White people are not the issue, it is the central banking system that controls markets, controls interest rates, creating currency out of thin air, and then charge the American People interest on thin air money. Pushing our nation and your individual sovereignty into poverty and slavery to their debt system The FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE is nothing but an IOU. Why is the Federal Reserve allowed to steal the wealth of America and the citizens of the world with their 2% inflation model? Stealing your wealth silently and quietly over time.

Now the people are fooled by BLM and ANTIFA as you follow the guidance of corrupt people who are trying to put themselves in power and all you BLM & ANTIFA are just the means to their corrupt ends. Which is complete and total control of you and every aspect of your life. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you will matter when the “revolution” is over. If you disagree your friends and comrades today they will turn on you in an instant like rabid dogs and destroy you. This is the nature of the lie, this is the nature of the deception. And when its all over and you now are unhappy with your place appointed you, too bad. Go along and keep your mouth shut or you will be killed yourself.

Thinking yourself wise you have all become fools. Reaping the whirl wind of your own destruction.

Look at the Federal Reserve and how it is stealing the wealth out of your pocket. Insidious, a little at a time they steal your wealth with their “Fake” money called dollars or Federal Reserve Notes. This is the inequality that is destroying America. It is the insidious political leaders who lie and lie and lie to the American people all the while lining their pockets. Bernie Sanders is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of your beliefs. He is a devout communist who is a millionaire. Why does he not give his money away but he wants to steal the wealth of those people richer than him. Is he not rich compared to you?

All Americans should reject any new Digital Monetary system the Federal Reserve Comes out with as the Federal Reserve Dollars is dying. Its current real value (purchasing power) is around $0.02 cents, two cents. People are fooled when they look a bill and see the same bill they saw five years ago and think it has the same value as five years ago, or ten, or 50 or 100 years ago. It simply does not. Your wealth is being stolen by the Federal Reserve Banking System and the Cartel Bankers. Look at the stock market it continues to go up as the Fed pumps in trillions of “dollars” or currency or “fake money” into the system and we have to pay interest on that debt. UM.

Something is wrong when people are going hungry and Bankers and the Federal Reserve and Corporations are getting richer. Corruption is in the air. These people are stealing your freedom by putting our nation so far in debt it can never be repaid. They are stealing America, when the dollar goes belly up and the stock markets plummet and house values plummet and hunger is rampant in America it is the Federal Reserve Banking System that is the real enemy of the people, the greatest lie and Ponzi scheme of all time. The Federal Reserve Banking System makes Bernie Madoff look like a pickpocket stealing one at a time. Instead of this giant lie of the Federal Reserve where they steal the wealth of every single individual in the world who uses US Federal Reserve Notes. This is not money its a Ponzi scheme. Reject the Fed and let companies go into bankruptcy and the UNITED STATES WOULD BE STRONGER THAN EVER.

These BLM and ANTIFA and other right-wing groups do not seem to realize we all are victims of the same lie. The Federal Reserve Banking System creates great wealth disparity across the globe as many countries have central banking systems and the banksters are all together in the greatest theft of wealth in the history of the world. BLM and ANTIFA you are helping the cause of wealth disparity and you do not even realize you are dancing to corrupt communist ideology that will never give equality to anyone and that is great like of socialism, fascism, communism, and Nazism. They all promise equality and they simply become dictatorships for the rich and powerful and all the little soldiers on the street will go back to trying to scrounge out a living. You will have not power, you will have no say, you will have to voice at all under the system you think will deliver equality to all.

This is the mind’s if idealist, not a realist. You are being enslaved under the guise of fake money, fiat currency. So they will create a purely digital currency and try and force everyone to use a system that does not even bother to print the currency or coins and just adds ones and zero’s on the amount you owe and charge you interest on money made up out of thin air. What a Scam on the world.

Read your Bible real money is silver and gold and land, and cattle and sheep and etc etc. it is not digits is a 401K on a digital computer screen.

Is Marx so smart? Or were his ideas taken to the extreme as you are doing now and creating chaos instead of equality? “Thinking themselves wise they because fools.” This is your reality.


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