Start The Righteous Fire

Jesus is the fire of redemption. Jesus is the soul of forgiveness. Jesus is the guide stone of righteousness. Jesus is the foundation of the reality of the human being. Without Jesus there is no reality worth living. Time is coming for the fire. God has said he would use fire and there is God’s fire of holy anger and there is God’s fire of the Holy Spirit. One is for judgement, one is for reaping of the harvest of souls.

The fire of the Holy Spirit is beginning and the forces will align themselves into only two factions. Those who believe and those who reject the Word of God. There is no options. This is the battle between the secular belief in themselves for their salvation as many of them do not believe that Jesus is even real or has the power described about him the the Bible. The do not believe the sacrifice he made could save anyone’s soul. Yet they are wrong. The order of reality depends on God. Physics, quantum physics and the Holy Bible have more in common than you would believe. Ask the physicist many are coming to realize the order in the universe is by design. In ways they cannot understand.

Gods Holy Spirit will touch some people in the coming years as we see God haters rising to power in America. And you will see the lukewarm believers who will be spewed from the grace of God. Those who worship idols and lead their flock in the bowing to figurines and statues are lead into darkness by wolves in sheep clothing. Dead images of human beings that are more worshiped than Jesus himself. Does the statue answer your prayers?

There is a being that comes into the hearts of men that God chooses to touch with the Holy Spirit. A spirit of freedom to stand up to evil and bow down to the righteous God and the Lord Jesus Christ. This fire is burning but has not yet touched the lips of many, but at Gods pleasure he will issue the command. Let the Holy Spirit touch my warriors so that they may live as an example of the Spirit of the Lord. And with the righteousness of the Spirit of the Holy Ghost is issued the command by God, the Holy Spirit will touch the souls of human beings with the truth of the Word Of God.

For we are yellow, we are brown, we are black and we are white. We are are brothers and sisters in the blood of the Lamb. Jesus Christ this is our unity. We are united in brotherhood and sisterhood, through the blood of the Lamb, our God, Jesus Christ.

And what is that truth? Jesus Saves.

Read Your Bible.

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