The CCP and the Democrat Party

Two peas in a pod, with the same goal. Control, Power, the ability to force submission of all who would dare resit. This is the new Democrat party. Threats and violence. Sounds just like the Chinese Communist Party. Who knew those murderers who live in a far of land live by these same ideas as the US Democrat Party. Perhaps the name should be changed to USDCCP. United States Democrat Chinese Communist Party, that seems a more apt title for Nancy, Shumer, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, AOC, O’Mar, Kamela and Joe B. The faces of the racist USDCCP. Lets not forget the governors and mayors of Rhode Island, MA, CT, NY,NJ,PA, DE, MI, OR, WA, CA, VA & DC they are all ideology in line withe the CCP. These democrats want complete control of your life. At least the Republicans who lie in their own right but they at least stand with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Democrats have turned their social programming loose on a unsuspecting public with lie after lie after lie. Playing the endless blame game instead of getting anything done that is actually for the American people instead of illegal immigrant’s.

With endless wars for 19 years democrats and many republicans voted for more war, more war, more war, and there was no bigger war hawk than Joe Biden.

The corruption in America is rampant at every level of our society and the public at large thinks all these crooks are doing their best for them as citizens of the United States or the state they live in. These elected officials are mostly spineless yes men and women who know they can line their own pockets if they will just go along. Like when people are in a crowd and one persons starts smashing windows and that is the signal to all who would do that to smash away, destroy at will. They go along with the mob. That is what our political situation is in America. Spineless politician’s are lining their pockets with tax payer dollars and lobbying kickbacks, campaign contributions, sweethearts deals with company’s after they leave office. Insider information so that they can profit from investments. And the American People are left holding the bag for all their misdeeds.

Lead of course by the illegal Federal Reserve Banking System which creates fake money out of thin air like all countries on earth and they demand we respect and use their counterfeit money of digital zero’s and one’s on a computer. This is the Ponzie Scheme of wealth theft. Just a week ago you heard Jerome Powell say they want to create inflation well they are. Inflation is theft by the Federal Reserve. Food prices go up but the value of the US Dollars continues to go down. You chicken keeps going up in price but your dollars remain the same. It cost more to live every single day we have a Federal Reserve Banking System and people like Jerome Powell keeps interest rates low and never allows any large corporations to go bankrupt. The Fed just keep bailing out every major bank and corporation at our the American people’s expense. As much as the news media are liars and deceived the people with the lack of honest and factual reporting instead of anonymous sources said this and they said that. Well anyone came make up fiction and call it fact, just look at Adam Schiff and the mountain’s of lies he has told. Why has he not be pulled and recalled and booted out of office? Because he serves his maters the communist liars of the Democrat Party, CCP, ANTIFA, BLM as the God haters stand together in their hatred of the righteousness of God.

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