De-fund The United Nations

America has been reviled for years by many members of the UN. We have known extremist leading branches of the UN that are totally communist in thought and in actions. Why are we contributing 22% to the UN? China contributes 12% and Japan at 8.5% and all the other countries of the world contribute the rest. Americas cost per year is $675 million dollars to support an organization that is Anti America, Anti-Nationalist, Pro Communist, Anti-Gun, Anti-Free Speech, Anti civil rights and want to depopulate the world to their vision of “nirvana.” A world they envision where they are rulers and we are all serfs and slaves to their all encompassing power.

De-fund the UN and remove it off US Soil, we have enough domestic traitors without supporting our enemies in any way. Seems all international organizations are against Nationalism and are pro globalism, pro one world government, one world currency, one world religion, one world ruler. America does not need the UN.

What is the UN Spending its money on?

Destroying freedom, civil wars, propaganda against America, vaccines, birth control, abortions, globalism, and punishing Israel because they mostly all hate God and certainty the Jews and Christians. Their agenda 2030 to destroy American sovereignty and take your guns.Voting against freedom, against, free speech. Look at the UK over run by Muslim immigrants who have no desire to acclimate to English life. No they wish to overpopulate it with Muslims so they can turn it into a Muslim majority in few generations and implement Shari law in the UK. We have the same problem here, people enter illegal, say they want to come here but they never want to acclimate into America society. Never really want to be American’s they wish to remain loyal to their previous country. Then you should move back. We want immigrants who believe in freedom and the making their own way in life without the US people giving you everything you need when many Americans are not given the same treatment. When a political party wants to give everything to people who enter the country illegally and want to force the American citizens to pay then it is time to vote the likes of Nancy Pelosi out of office, Maxine Waters, out of office, Chuck Shumer out of office, Adam Schiff out of office, Jerry Nadler out of office, Kamala Harris out of office, Plus as many democrat majors, guv-nuts, city councilmen, sheriffs, police chiefs, aldermen, most democrats need to be voted out of office. Of course their are a few I’m sure who are more patriotic and not apart of the hive mind of progressive social democrats, or as they were once called, Nazis

This is truly how far apart the two political views in America have become. One is Do what we say or else, a hive mind of people afraid to depend on themselves.

The other view of America is the land of opportunity and you can achieve your dreams if you work hard and persevere. That individual freedom is more important than anything the government can (give) you but it is we the people who are billed for the “free stuff” given out by the government.

This whole election cycle reminds me of the NAZI take over of German when Hitler became Reich Chancellor after the old weak previous ruler succumbed to lies, deceptions and violence of the private army of the Nazi party, the SA, Which were the thugs in the streets committing the violence, rioting, looting, attacking the citizens who did not agree with their agenda. Right before Hitler took complete power it was a 80 year old plus Hindenburg. A weak and frail loyal German who succumbed to the pressure of political leaders, economic, industrial, education leaders to appoint Hitler to power. Joe Biden is our Hindenburg, and Kamala Harris may well be our Hitler. If she gains power frightful things could take place. She has the same attitude as Hilary Clinton does, we are deplorable, just as Hitler felt about the Jews and we know the tragedy of those who could not see the signs of the times.

And the UN Stands ready and poised to steal the American people’s freedom with their Agenda 2030. And you can take bets a democrat president, and congress and senate will betray America. Theft of our rights, theft of our liberty, theft of our wealth, theft of everything you own, including your life if you do not bow to their godless communist hive mind. You already see it in the streets with people being murdered for wearing hats or clothing people hate.

DE-FUND THE United Nations, De-fund the World Bank, De-fund the IMF, De-fund The ACLU, SPLC, De-Fund Planned Murderhood and the harvest of living organs from helpless babies. Stop the murder of these psychopaths democrats. Who seem to hate with a passion anyone who refuses to kiss their behind. Our way or the highway they demand. Give me your food, give me ten dollars, bow down, give me your house. GIVE ME A BREAK and grow up you communist infants. With only the thinking capacity of the hive mind of Communist, Marxist and their anti-Christ belief’s.

Why are we paying politicians to destroy our cities, our communities, our country? How are our taxes being used by these politicians and city councils? Why should they not be on unemployment. Surely we do not need all the bureaucrats when we have a lower tax base. Why are we paying taxes to have ourselves destroyed? Why are no government employees laid off? Why are they still getting a check and they are not doing their job, they are working on their agenda. The American Revolution was started over a few things, taxes, civil liberties, civil rights, freedom and this is what the Democrat party and their ANTIFA and BLM thug army want to destroy is your rights. Vote DEMOCRATS OUT.

Boycott companies and sports teams that bow to BLM or ANTIFA or the Democrat Party and Most Republican Party Members.

Starting with the

NFL – National FOOLS League

NBA – National Babies League

MLB – Mama’s Liberal Brats

NHL – National Hysteria League

Open Society Foundations

BLM – Black Liars Movement

ANTIFA – Against Nations Truth Individuals Freedom AMERICA

And boycott all the companies.




As well as all the communist groups like Southern Poverty Law Center, The ACLU,.

American Civil Liberties Union, these groups are for civil liberties for their god hating ideas but not for those who believe God.

They are pro anything that goes against God.

JUST LIKE THE UN for the most part anti-Christ.


Remove if from American Soil.
Let us stop benefiting our enemies the UN and so many other anti America organizations

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