Who are the Enemies of God?

When you hear someone declare they hate God. People who declare that they wish to kill Jesus again when he comes back. They are enemies and declare it so. Easy to see, no question asked. No doubt in their minds they are the enemy of God and Jesus Christ.

We ask our enemies not to attack us even as they do. We ask our enemies to leave our children alone even as they murder them in the womb. We ask our enemies to live in peace even as they murder our neighbors.

The enemies of God have shown their hand. All around you are people turning from human beings into a different being. Some are becoming trans-human. Is this are new form of life? Are these the evolutionary change in human beings that has finally emerged? What does it mean to be a trans-person? Do they believe in God? Do they want to transcend the power of God and become their own God?

If the reality of humanity cannot be accepted and man wishes to create his own reality. Then transcend from human existence into a quantum existence where there is no death in the creation of your own making. You wish to become your own god.

We see these actions by people all around us. People in power doing all they can to destroy the moral fiber of a God-fearing nation. We have a nation of people who are denying reality and expect us to do the same. Look at the recent Supreme Court decision that granted transgenders protection at work from discrimination. In essence creating a new class of people. Seems from a logical, common sense point of view that people who wish to change their gender have some sort of mental issue yet “official” comment is they are normal. Oh, No. It is not normal for a woman to transform herself into a man physically. Mentally is is the most abnormal thought a human being could have yet our modern doctors and supreme court deem it O.K. We who believe in the power of prayer need to pray for the people who are going through this awful feelings and doubts and unknown desires and lust. We are all sinners and as much as I am against the very idea of trans-humanism and transgenderism yet I think praying for people who suffer this burden is better than attacking them as individuals or as a community. Yet I do believe they need to hear how they have made themselves enemies of God and Jesus Christ by choice’s conscious or not.

Just as corporations and politicians that are engaged in all kinds of experiments with weather, government control, weaponry, black operations that no one can hear about. Private prisons in America? Why? The politician’s are lackeys for the corporations and the military industrial complex and big pharma. Have you noticed how very few Americans are not on prescriptions drugs? Why do people have so many health issues? How can we suddenly have a epidemic of people who want to become the opposite sex. If a eating disorder is a mental issue, then the desire to change your body to the opposite sex seems to be a bigger mental issue. If this is not a mental health issue then the psychiatric field is a complete joke.

What is the root cause of such desires. What could cause a human female to want to be a male and change her body to accommodate the desire. Or is it simply the lesbian desire to be the dominant partner in the relationship? This is rebellion from the order of God.

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