Gods Silver And Gods Gold

Do you believe that paper dollars, paper bonds, paper mutual funds, paper stocks, and all other paper assets, such as paper gold and silver contracts, are really worth anything?

The buying power of one US Dollar is 0.02 cents, not 100 cents but 2 cents.  The coins in your pocket are debased with cheap metal, there is no silver or gold in any of the US coins manufactured since 1964. What is the US Dollar really worth? Bankers, lawyers, politicians, and globalists all are not telling the truth of the US money. Since 1972 when President Nixon took the dollar off the Gold Standard, US money has lost its value. You don’t believe me? Ask yourself one simple question. Does the dollar you got as a child the same dollar as the ones issued today. Yes, they look basically the same, yet you cannot go get a bill from 1965 and buy anymore today than you can from a bill printed in  2019. They hold equal value today. 0.02 cents. But do you recall how much one dollar bought when you were a child?

Paper wealth is the illusion of reality. Dollars bills are fake money that bankers are using to steal the wealth from the nation and putting the proceeds in their pocket and buying real property, land, buildings, art, jewelry, gold, and silver, etc., etc. So the people have their wealth stolen by the bankers, lawyers, politicians, and the globalist and the people struggle to pay their bills and survive in a system of “Fake Money.” Thomas Jefferson said something to the effect that currency is the illusion of money.

Currency, US Federal Reserve Notes

Fake Money is created by bankers because politicians refuse to live within the countries means. Why does America not have a balanced budget? We have heard trillions of dollars were spent on the war effort in the Middle East. What do we have to show for it? Wounded and dead soldiers year after year and a giant deficit we are supposed to pay because the political leaders cannot control themselves when it is not their money. They make war for profit. Why do you think the political leaders hate President Trump, he is anti-war. Their grandiose, self-righteous plans are for themselves, not the American population at large, yet they expect us to shoulder the burden for their reckless, careless, and callous acts. Do you think that members of the Federal Reserve care more about you and the country or the profits they are making off of the American Nation and the American Citizens as they steal the wealth of the people and the nation? Why does the Federal Reserve have the power to control the nation’s money supply? Why does a private banking business get to dictate interest rates instead of the free market system? Why are  the American people suffering at large from the Banksters frauds who are more concerned with their profit margin than the price of goods going up as the dollar is debased even more as they continue to print money from nothing and charge you and I and the rest of the population interest on the United States money supply?  Fake Money is what they are issuing, and the population continues to believe in their lies of value and the worth of paper assets.

All dimes issued since 1965 have a metal value of $0.014. Basically, a dime is really only worth one cent in metal value, but you are told it is worth 0.10 cents. A dime issued from 1964 and before are today worth $1.76; in the silver value, they are worth $1.76 today. So ask yourself, is silver worth having? Is gold worth having? Think of it this way, the silver dime has more value than the paper dollar is worth today. You have been fooled and lied to and deceived, as we all have been.

But God’s silver and God’s gold are real value. The power of the metals to be used as stores of value and has been used for 5000 years of history. That speaks volumes to the actual value of silver and gold and what has value and what does not. What are lies, and what is the truth when it comes to money?

Gold and Silver are real, and paper assets, i.e., dollar bills, bonds, stocks, CDs, mutual funds, derivatives contracts, gold, and silver paper contracts are promises and nothing more. If one of these paper assets collapses, they all may collapse. So to then the entire world economy as it is based on US Dollars, Fake Money.

Remember, God’s people are rich in gold, silver, cattle, sheep, land, farms, and other real tangible items that are not made up promises of wealth.

Read Your Bible.

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