A Time Line to Slavery

Though out history people have suffered under the thumb of the rich, the powerful, the religious and the politically corrupt. Today all around the world from the USA to the China. From Iran to Israel the people live under the yoke of some form of tyranny. Here in America we are under the tyranny of corrupt elected officials and a corrupt Federal Reserve Banking system, a Ponzi scheme that has stolen the wealth of the world for generations. The owners of the Federal Reserve System are creating wealth disparity on a grand scale. This banking system which is insidious has eaten away the value of the US Dollar and it buys nothing hardly that you could buy just ten years ago. The system is so insidious people think it is the way of life not the way of the dollar system. 2% inflation is wealth stolen by a group of people who own a private enterprise that is allowed to steal our wealth with blind impunity. This system of banking is killing America and the American population with its fraud of wealth theft.

Now this same entity wants to force the American people to use a all digital currency, fake money created out of thin air and they demand we have faith in it to buy and sell. This is a lie and an illusion of reality. Do these people want us to follow them blindly into slavery at their whim, just like in Communist China today. Are the people so fooled to believe that the Federal Reserve will be any different than Communist China. We are walking down a time line of slavery. The government will demand we have faith in 0’s & 1’s on a computer while they control the amount and the flow of made up digital currency. Who is fooling who here! Dollar bills are fake and now they are going to demand we use currency you cannot even hold in your hand. They will hand you their trickle down freedom. Your freedom will be do as we command and be rewarded with illusion and refuse to accept and you will be cut off from our system of society. The more people disobey their edicts the more they will cut off your supply of fake currency, fake money, in their fake PONZI Scheme of theft. They are lying and the owners of the Federal Reserve Banks should be held accountable for their theft. These great families of wealth have stolen it from the people of the world for generations.

If America accepts the lie of digital dollars then soon within a few years there will social scoring across the USA, just like in Communist China with the CCP, the great haters of freedom that wants the world to bow to their tyranny. They have 1.2 billion people under the thumb of 90 million, will millions have to die to stop the CCP from butchering anyone who dares to defy them. Here in America elected officials think they will get away with gun confiscation when they pass laws. They think they will get away with using a cowardly traitors in the military and police but they have a huge shock coming if they think armed citizens will not start a war with our own people who are trying to force us to disarm. Oh, they may get people like me who are calling for a NATIONAL MILITIA, Patriot Militia Party that is made up of every race, creed, faith and political belief. But who all agree on one thing. We want to remain free people and not slaves to a corrupt monetary system, corrupt political system, or police or military. We are armed and we are ready if you so choose to continue the path of hatred of the people and hatred of our freedoms.

In this nation many will die if the fools in political power think they can disarm this nation without a bloody fight. I would point to them to history because there is nothing new under the sun and history my not be repeating itself but as Mark Twain said “it sure does rhyme.” Tyranny is raising its ugly head here in America and it is up to the citizens to take our freedom back from the corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt District Attorney’s, corrupt lobbyist, corrupt school teachers, corrupt college professors and a corrupt banking and money system. As well as the preachers across America who do not preach repentance, do not fear God. These are the enemies of American’s who love freedom and wish to be free at all cost. Who love God and his son the Lord Jesus Christ and will obey God and follow the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what government power demands. Tyranny is where we are headed and it cannot be stopped except by God.

It takes only a small fraction of people to refuse to bow to power of evil to bend the will of a nation. And with the power of the living God (I AM) their are people who will be able to stand against the evil growing in power in our nation. New World Order simply means slavery for all humans except for the rich and power. Just like all communist and fascist and socialist nations America will become a totalitarian state. It is only guns that will protect us from their tyranny.

Yet only God can protect us from the evil that is rising all around us. In plain site evil is raising it ugly head all around you, lies, deception, hatred, corruption, technology to control us, vaccines to sicken us, cell phones to track us , 5g technology for tighter control, robotics and trans humanism is the replacement of human beings, and the evil of all evils abortion the destruction of life itself. Who would not cry tears of anguish for the little babies destroyed by the eugenics of modern democratic party’s holy grail, abortion, for the worship of Moloch, the evil has been at work for decades and many souls are beseeching (I AM) to punish the souls of their murderers.

God is not feared by men who do not believe in God. Jesus is mocked by men who think themselves better than their fellow man. This is the society of tyranny and most people cannot even see their chains. We are on a time line of enslavement of humanity by the very people who have power over humanity. Much like the roman Caesars they demand and we must obey. Yet if we look at what they are demanding it is very simple to understand they are demanding we all renounce God and accept their god who approves of corruption, lies, false statements, misleading information, fake money (US Federal Reserve Notes), fake education with lies, and self righteous hatred of truth and worship of anything but the LORD JESUS CHRIST, to bow to Jesus is blasphemy to the deniers of Love and the worshipers of Hate.

Better to go down fighting the enemies of Jesus Christ than be on the side of the evil that is growing in the land like a plague that is against Jesus. Pick up the mantel of our God, Jesus Christ and fear no evil for he is with us. Yes many of us will die and to die on the side of the Living God is not small thing. For we commend our souls to his Glory and Righteousness. We will worship the living God of life not their god of death, that butchers babies in the womb. Forces people to take a vaccine because they demand death for all.

Our world is perverse and sick and we can only pray that God will heal the minds of those who see no evil, hear no evil, or speak no evil. Heads buried in the sand afraid to face the reality of the rise of evil in our land. The rise of a NWO of totalitarian control over all aspect of your life. This will be a land of tyranny and hatred of the living God. Controlled by people who will do anything and every thing they wish to do no matter how perverse or evil it might be. They are murdering babies in the womb so it is going to get a whole lot worse. Pray to Jesus Christ to give you the strength to stand against the fiery darts of his enemies which hate you just as much as they hate him.

So rise up and draw your sword. Speak for the Lord.

Read Your Bible:

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