Will You Follow Light Or Darkness?

God the creator, the beginning and the end. The God of creation is alive and well living in the hearts of those who have the courage to standup against the wiles of the darkness. The light can be faked but if you question the spirits they will reveal themselves. Wickedness loves to pretend it is righteous. The righteousness of God does not pretend, for he is “I AM.” Who will you bow to?

Justice is lost in America. Political leaders lie to us. Democratic and Republican lie to us. The veil of truth is being pulled back and the view that is being revealed to the world is black and dark. People in powerful places are corrupt to the core. Our nations is being ripped apart by this deception of public corruption. People in elected and appointed positions are throwing the nations pearls before swine.

How is the word of God not followed in a land of believers in the Lord God. You believe in the righteousness of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. “I AM”, creator of all things yet you are fooled into believing the lies of men who hide in the darkness and destroy his children. The Lord will “rebuke” those who will bring trouble to the hearts of the innocent and persecute the followers of Jesus Christ.

Yet even in the enemy has covered himself from mankind, but not from the Living God, “I AM.”

Darkness is all around. Political Correctness, Social Justice, Moral Corruptness, lack of belief in the Lord God, lack of belief in the salvation of Jesus Christ, whose power to forgive the sins of human beings so many have a hard time believing. Yet truth is real when it is spoken by God. Who can see truth and call it a lie, only evil. Who can see a baby in the womb and then rip it out and destroy it? Only evil.

To pretend that the Word of God is not real is to deny God. You live in a world of fear and you see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. You are denying truth, God is calling to those who will hear his call. He is knocking on your door but you are not hearing him. You have closed you mind to the truth of life and accepted the fake reality of men.

Evil lives in the human thoughts and few people think about their thoughts, they allow their thoughts to travel to moral corruptness, let’s you think you are something you are not. We as children do not realize we must control our thoughts. Limit the wickedness by shutting down the thoughts and move our minds to a more righteous path. Our free will inflicts so much pain and anguish because so many bad choices are made. Yet if one were to stop and think a moment about how God and Jesus would expect us to act. Just because you are a liberal does not mean you must accept corruption and wickedness in the secular word of mankind. Just because you are a conservative does not mean you can keep silent in the face of evil

Righteousness is not corrupt, God is not corrupt, Jesus is not corrupt, the Holy Spirit is not corrupt. Mankind is corrupt.

“I AM” says the people must make a choice. The time is at hand when the secular world is going to demand that everyone follow the path they have laid out. Their path to peace and prosperity, their path to economic stability, their path to save the planet. Their path to save your soul from the evil of a God who says he can save your soul. They bow to their statues, they bow to the sun, they bow to the virgin Mary, they bow to the pope, the bow to BLM, they bow to Lucifer. And now the time is coming when they will demand you to bow. And pledge that you to are the enemy of Jesus Christ, the holy righteous one.

Read Your Bible.

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