Free Speech, the Precious Gift

The flag of free speech is being slowly being taken down from the flag poles of America. College students riot at the mere mention of free speech. Social media cringe at the mere thought of anyone in the world not agreeing with their social justice, political correct, communist truths or their feelings. American’s need to stop using any social media sites that refuse all points of view within the laws of our Republic.

No not the democrat state of mob rule but the nation controlled by the rule of law. Yet the very law makers are the mob. They wish to rule by force under a system of complete control of your life. Your health care, your banking, your ability to move about freely, your ability to say what your want without fear of being locked up. The ability to not live in a society where the elected officials tell you to turn in your neighbors for something they deem is wrong, like wear a mask. This is not freedom, this is enslavement. Democrats show their lust for power by demanding the people obey or pay a price. Now is the time to give them what they do not want a boot out of office. Back to a public job where maybe they will be told to stay at home, lock down because over government is a virus eating away at our freedoms. 23 million plus government employees, about 20 million to many.

The elected officials need to realize that the American people have had a enough of their lies and crimes. Once this election is over then people will understand that we live in a Republic built on laws and yes you can circumvent those laws and you can break those laws and yes you can change the laws. However, when the laws go against the rights of people they are not valid no matter how many laws politicians pass.

Seems people do not realize that we in America live in the most unique place on earth. Written into our Laws is the Right to Free Speech, The Right to Bear Arms, the right to freely and peacefully assembly, the right to Worship and the our right to REVOLT against the tyranny of elected or un elected officials who go against these “rights.” Men do not have the right to enslave others just because they can with deception. Such as our “fiat money”, fake companies they are never allowed to fail, our fake school systems that teaches the theories of evolution and the big bang, yet reject any alternative to their narrative, see how long these liberal communist have been in control of our education system?

I hear people say, oh these people are doing what they think is best. Well that does not matter when they are destroying the minds of our children with communist Orwellian lies. Truth is the greatest enemy of politicians and bureaucrats. Denying them the truth of the Word of God for that is their greatest enemy.

Just as free speech is the most precious right of course we need the right to bear arms to back up or opinion when dictators arise like we have now in Democrat states and cities across this country. Thinking they are above the law they wish to punish you for not going passively in to into a police state, their glorious New World Order. Or Communist American States. This is the end game, and if you are so foolish as to not see the truth you will be voting for your own enslavement.

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