Our Blood Is Red

No matter if your skin color is different from others, your blood is still red. Your blood is the same color, the same types, the same in all of us. We are a family by blood. Our blood is our common denominator that makes us a family.

However, our beliefs separate us from each other by our own choices. This is the separation of the minds of each of us. Our wishes, our dreams, our desires, our choices are what cause separation in the family. How many stories have been told of brothers betraying brothers. How many stories have been told of family members betraying each other.

So what is the problem? When people shout “Black Lives Matter,” are they implying that no other lives matter? What about the lives of people who are not black? Are you suggesting that black lives are superior to all other lives a of different skin color? This is very “racist” ideology, when people suggest that only Black Lives Matter. Is this the Black KKK? Who hate white people and are turning out to destroy as many white people as possible.

Without question BLM is a racist, bigoted group of people shouting against racism while they engage in racism. Straight out of the NAZI propaganda playbook. Tell a lie long enough people will begin to believe it to be true.
What a bunch of hate filled bigots pretending to be on a righteous campaign against police brutality while they engage in the wholesale slaughter of their own people. This is the hypocrisy of socialism, communism and Nazism the death cults of social equality. They preach equality and practice inequality on a grand scale where no one has a chance to thrive but all are made to suffer. This is the vision of a democrat society, but it is not the vision of the Republic, a nation governed by laws and not by politicians who think they are demi-gods. Who get to rule over us any way they see fit. Hypocrites and traitors is all they are.

We are a nation on the verge of civil war due to this ideology of hate. This ideology of social justice, political correctness and this idea that you must bend to our will or else. So here we go again, a group of people preaching hate and pretending they are demanding justice when they are really demanding that white people bow to black superiority. The new KKK is all members of the BLM and ANTIFA as well as the billionaires backing them. Simply put these people hate God, they have no fear of God or they just deny that God exist.

This is the idea is to divide and conquer, then enslave. Do not fool yourself into believing that the New World Order, the Globalist, the Socialist, the Communist all want your to make a utopian paradise for you. They hate you because they hate God and Jesus, “I AM.”

But our blood is all the same and yet your brother will murder you. Your sister will murder you. Because of your love of “The Word of God”. “I AM” is the focal point of all reality. The focal point is the blood of Jesus, the his spilling of his blood is the instant in time when we became hated as much as God himself is despised, reviled, spit on and mocked by our brothers and sisters of blood.

Yet as our blood flows into the ground from those who would commit violence for the “violent take it by force.” Without fore thought the communist commit violence, the anti fascist are just pretenders for they are truly just violent. Draw your sword, in the truth of the “Word of God, I AM.”

The enemy of blood they hate more than anything is Jesus Christ, this being, “I AM” is their enemy by choice for “I AM” who does not hate you but the actions you take. Yet you can go to far and “I AM” will not acknowledge your existence just as you have denied his. May God have mercy.

Read Your Bible:

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