Bureaucrat Mafia, Obey Or Die!

Bureaucrats, non-elected government employees are destroying American’s freedom. They demand you should obey them at every turn. Wear a mask, social distance, obey, or die. This is the lie of bureaucrats, whose criminal behavior borders on tyranny and they say we have the law on our side. Well you do not, you have a policy on your side and it is simply a matter of the public not obeying your edicts. Bureaucrats are government power-mad oppressors. Since when does a non elected government employee get to pass laws? Since Congress has delegated its authority it is time to reclaim the authority of the people and not policies. It is time to not increase government but to decrease government. Tyranny is an un elected bureaucrat that thinks the entire United States population has to listen to them because they work for some government division like the CDC.

Who believes they have to obey CDC, The Heath Mafia, Bureaucrat Control Mafia, Who the hell do these people think they are. It is time to reduce the size of government by 75%, get rid of all these bureaucrats who serve their own career self interest and not the people. Overpaid, Over benefited, fire them, and let them work a public job where they may lose their income, their home, their health benefits.

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