2nd Amendment = FREEDOM

Second Amendment – A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party, a well regulated militia is now necessary to defend the right to be and remain free in America as we the citizens are threatened not by a foreign enemy but by enemies without our own government officials and CEO’s of corporations and colleges, and high schools and sports teams, social media outlets and newspapers are now nothing but mockingbirds for the Democrat party.

The party that was pro slavery, and all you little social justice, cancel culture warriors are being played for the fools your are. “Thinking themselves wise they became fools.” This pro communist culture you live in is going to suffer a huge set back when you gain power and try to enforce gun confiscation.

This is the very reason I believe we need a political party that is well versed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and believe in them as written. Who supports Law and Order and the Military as long as they to follow the Constitution. Thus the PMP, well armed, feet firmly planted in peace ready to take over political offices across this nation by starting with local sheriff, police chief, town councils, mayoral positions, next state congressional and senate seats and then governors office. Then we will turn the tide of school’s hatred of America.

Teachers who wish to teach will need to be true believers in education and not political and social indoctrination. Lobbyist would be outlawed as subversive and criminal. Social media will either declare itself open to all opinions and not censor anyone’s accounts that are not behaving in a criminal activity just because the outlet does not like the opinions.

Of course the easiest way to not be influenced by social media is simply to not sign up for or engage in such a useless activity that uses the information to track you, learn your habits, see who and what you engage in. In other words social media is spying on your every move.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party, we must unite as that is the communist greatest strength. They are united in a hive mind and to step out of the hive is to be a traitor. Free thought is not allowed by the hive mind. They see racism is every where they look because they are bigots and racist themselves. Every race on earth and over human on earth have there bigotry against certain groups of people. This is not a disease that can be wiped from the minds of people, just because you pretend that ripping down Confederate statues and burning a Confederate flag fights racism show you how misguided your reality is.

Why do you never discuss the black against white racism, or the Latino racism or the Oriental racism against whites? Or why do you never bring up the racism against Oriental’s, or Jews, or Christians? Why? Because you are racist and bigoted against these groups as well. In fact your whole world revolves around your outrage against fairy tale bigotry, made up stories of, systemic racism. One lie after another to brain wash people into believing these lies of misguided fools.

Why do you never mention the blacks who kidnapped white people in Europe and sold them into slavery. The Barbary Pirates sold many white Europeans, specially white women in sex slavery. Why do you never bring up this anti-white Racism?

Oh, only whites can be racist! “Thinking themselves wise they became fools.” If only whites can be racist then why do so many blacks hate and attack black people?

Here is a recent headline on a business media site, see link below.

“National media buries two violent hate crimes against white men in the same day; AP makes incredulous claim”*

These white progressive LGBTQRXYZ communist are lying to the public with every chant of “Black Lives Matter.”

No non-communist thinking, normal human being needs anyone to quantify their race or reality. Young white brainwashed, hive mind children of the 60’s hippies, now live in a world of delusion thinking it is still the “Summer of Love,” which was 1967. Grow up, quit pretending that your hippie communist dream is nirvana.

It would not be so bad if you were simply living life and letting others live theirs. But, no you people have to go out your way to inject yourselves into people’s lives who want nothing at all to do with you until you can be reasonable. Yet, since most of you have never grown up, you keep throwing your temper tantrums like you did as a child, like the mental child you still are. Don’t forget to wear a mask.

Now is the time for a 3rd political party in America and I hope it will be something like the PMP, A political party of well armed citizen’s who meet and drill as a well regulated militia. Yet who all have their own minds and may not agree on some things but all agree that they believe a well armed militia is necessary to defend America and the FREEDOM’S we enjoy and their families and property.

PMP, standing with feet firmly planted in peace, with constitution in hand and weapon over their shoulder organized and fighting to take political control away from immoral, corrupt individuals in power both elected and un elected.

Freedom loving Americans of every race and creed is welcome. PMP, Patriot Militia Party.


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